Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I can't remember having this much soreness the last time I had a lumpectomy. I am sore all over, sore to the touch and its really getting me down.

I went out in the car for the first time yesterday and that was a mistake because I ended up with an achey arm and now I can feel the swelling just under there.

Phoned the Breast Care nurses for advice and they said that the heat in the breast and heaviness could be down to an internal bleed. I did have a massive haematoma with my last op but because it was higher up on my chest it wasn't the same.

Have bought some cotton vests with internal support which help but being a 32G I do need a bit more than that.

I am going in to see the nurses on Thursday just to make sure all is ok. I just want to make sure that I havent got an infection.

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  1. Hope the soreness soon passes and that you haven`t an infection-take care x


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