Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I've Got a Brand New.................................Cancer

Sorry, I am not being flippant with the title but I am hoping to reflect my true feelings on my second cancer diagnosis which I received today.

I am still 3 years in remission for my first cancer which was aggressive and fast growing. This new cancer is indeed just that "new" and is in my other breast. The good thing about this is that the new cancer is not as aggressive and is slow growing. I probably wouldn't have felt anything for a year or two by which time the treatment would have been as radical as my last.

The surgeon told me that I am at more risk from my first cancer than this.

So.... I am booked in for a lumpectomy on 16th February along with a lymph node sweep just to make sure the cancer has not spread. This is highly unlikely as it has been caught right at the start of the little devils life! Thank you for mammograms!!!

As the area is so small, I will be taken in to have a wire inserted into my breast using an ultrasound scan, I will then have some nuclear dye injected into my nipple (which will make me pee like a smurf.... blue) and then the operation will go ahead in the afternoon.

I am having an overnight stay because Mr Cochrane said "otherwise you will be out walking dogs".

I had my pre-op done straight away along with a chest Xray.

It was explained to me that at 1pm today he would be arguing over me with a bunch of other people involved in looking after cancer patients therefore I will have a balanced care and less risk of mistakes. As a result of that meeting I have been booked in for a CT scan on Monday to check bone density and my other organs.

After surgery I will probably only need radiotherapy but the outcome won't be known until the cancer is out and has been investigated further along with my lymph nodes.

I am really relaxed about the whole thing. Cancer isn't something to fear, it breeds off fear..... its something to be challenged and beaten and thats what I will do.

I am being sent for a genetic test to find out if I carry the BC gene and if so I can make a balanced decision on any radical surgery but at this point in time, a lumpectomy only please!

I am anticipating a quick recovery and being back at running, dog walking and horse riding within days following surgery. I might be wrong but if you don't have goals theres no point in it all.

The worse fear I have of cancer is losing my hair again and thats not really a real fear in the whole scheme of things but it looks as though that won't happen.

I have a whole load of great friends and family to get me through this. With messages of love and support to keep me going I can only win this again. I want to thank every one of you who have given me such support, for those who have helped with my kids and my animals. No matter how small the gesture, the impact is enormous - trust me!

I will keep you up to date with my progress on this blog.


  1. Hey Sara!! Just read it!! You are very brave and also, very informative in this 'Little Devil', thank you!! As you say, hope you are back running, walking your dogs and riding Cola, very soon!! Take Care and Heal Quickly, will be watching out for updates!! Anne xxxx

  2. Dearest Sara:

    I am so, so, sorry to hear this news. You've been through so much already. BUT, you are an inspiration. Your positive attitude and strength are amazing and encouraging!

    I'll be keeping up with you on facebook.

    Gerushia's New World

  3. Oh Sara, I am sorry to hear this but I love your attitude and you are right, there are different types of BC with some being more aggressive than others. So glad that this may be an easier form of cancer to beat. You'll beat it, I just know it. Sending big hugs and prayers.....:-)

  4. TING TING TING and always by your side!!!xxx(((((((hugs)))))

  5. Hiya Love, I can't believe what I've just read - - - I am so sorry but I know you have got the strength from somewhere , in the past and am very sure you will have it in the future !! You are an inspiration to us all !! Keep us informed love, Good Luck and we are here for you - - always !!!
    All our Love, Marjorie & Ron xxxxxx

  6. Dearest Sara, you were an Inspiration to me when i had my Cancer, and you have been a very special person to so many, my love and thoughts are with you all the way in this new fight. i will be looking out for news on here each day. you take care. lots of love xx

  7. You are so inspirational. be well and I am thinking of you

  8. My language is so bad, I sound like a sailor on shore leave. but pulling for you here in Brasil.


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