Friday, 28 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

As this year comes to an end one can't help but look back and review what has happened.

Like 2011 the year started badly with Wilbur being taken ill. Almost at the same time I was diagnosed with another breast cancer.

Surgery followed for both of us and radiotherapy for me.

Our pet insurance company refused our claim on a technicality and we were left to scrape together £2000 which has crippled us.

My dad was very ill and was in and out of hospital and I was plagued with a string of illnesses which made it impossible to visit him.

The side effects of my new hormone treatment left me in constant pain so each day was a struggle.

In september my dad died and I was left to sort out everything. On the day of the funeral I was given the date for my oopherectomy so with another operation, the stress of clearing his flat and sorting out his affairs coupled with the demands of strangers made for a difficult time. No wonder my blood pressure is high.

So those are the bad parts of the year but there were plenty of good bits too!

The Gathering
Snowy was given to me and she has been the light in my life
I judged a dog show!
Mike Peters gigs

But most of all I am humbled by the LOVE and support given to me by so many.

So in the embers of a horrible year the one thing that stands out for me is the amazing and wonderful people I have in my life.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Talk! Speak! Communicate!

I thought that the quote in this picture was so right until I read it a few more times and thought about it. 

Now I am going to contradict this picture..... 

OK sometimes it is good to keep quiet about things because you know that others just don't "get" you BUT isn't it right to try to help people understand? (note here I used the world help rather than make).

Keeping silent about things because you think others won't understand is the wrong approach I feel.

I know there are people out there reading my blog who haven't had cancer or breast cancer so how can they understand what my journey has been like?

Indeed.... how can I understand the journey of a fellow breast cancer patient? I am not her and she is not me.

I think that God gave us a voice, he gave us communication and therefore its wrong to not use these gifts.

Today I received a lovely message telling me how my openness about my breast cancer journey has helped take away the fear of it in her life. Had I remained silent because people didn't understand I would not have helped that person.

My sons are on the autistic spectrum.

Decades ago, these children would have been sectioned and put into a special "hospital", their "condition" would not have been talked about, kept quiet, silent. Some children would be written off as naughty and a bad lot!!!!

Talking about Autism leads to greater awareness, tolerance, acceptance.......

Years ago we lived in communities and we saw all of the different things that could BE a person. There was no medical intervention, no TV or magazines to tell us how we should look, there were no dentists and you were lucky if you got to the age of 40.......

In these communities we would see disabled people, blind, deaf, diseased, those with no teeth, we would see birth and we would see death.

In this perfect century in which we live we are sheltered from such things and as a result we have no empathy or tolerance.

So my message in this post is................

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Change - New Chapter - New Beginings

When you have had chemo, for years later you can suffer with "Chemo Brain" or "Chemo Fog".

I have suffered with it and only as I approach my 4th year of my first breast cancer diagnosis I can feel it starting to lift.

Its like a lock of hair which has been curled, slowly, slowly being pulled down until it is straightened out again.

At last I feel as though I am starting to function again. 

The fog is lifting and I can see the sun peeking through at last.

I suppose it "came" to me this week while I have been alone that I need now to focus on my future.... to come up with some new plans and find a way of achieving them. 

Its an exciting time but its also unnerving.... can I do it? will I fail? 

But I have to make that jump..... I didn't particularly like the chapter in the book of my life but its safe, its well read and the pages are familiar.... closing that chapter and starting on a new one is going to be a challenge.

To end this post lets listen to Mike Peters perform his song "New Chapter" performed at Wrexham in front of me on 1st November 2012 

Pictures curtesy of Google Search 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Big Pants

I lasted 2 weeks to the date of my Oophorectomy operation to face up to the fact that with this operation I NEEDED big pants!!!

Yes I purchased a Sainsburys pack of 5 BIG PANTS and I wished I had dont it sooner. Not only does the cotton of the BIG PANTS protect my scars, they are so comfortable.

Oh but don't be misled by my statement there.... I will not be using my BIG PANTS beyond when the scars heal thank you very much because no amount of lace or patterning can make them attractive or me to feel that way when wearing them.

My advice to any lady going in for that sort of operation - invest in a collection of BIG PANTS to see you through your healing process.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Red Poppy Tour - Mike Peters

Central Station in Wrexham is a brilliant venue for any band. Its big enough but small enough to be intimate. 

Quite a few well known artists have played there including Big Country, Black Stone Cherry to name but a few.

Last night Mike Peters played at Central Station as part of his Red Poppy Tour and despite the fact I was only 9 days post surgery I honestly could not miss this event. I knew the venue, I knew the layout and I knew that if I got there early enough I could get a seat which would protect my tummy and rest it too.

The fact that I had promised to take my son Joe who had just turned 14 to his first Mike Peters gig was something I didn't want to miss.

Picture by Sue Owen via FB

The evening was made even more memorable by meeting other members of the Alarm family. 

Picture by Sue Owens via FB

Joe was a little shell shocked and shy but he thoroughly enjoyed his first Mike Peters gig. A couple of months ago his dad took him to see The Wombats in Delemere Forest and he was quite worried that there would be fans throwing cans and bottles...... No fear of that at a Mike Peters gig, the fans are too in awe of this incredible musician and appreciate his music to detract from the atmosphere with such antics.

The set list was awesome A New Chapter, Without a Fight, Breathe, Majority, Unsafe Building, Deeside, Spirit of 76, Without a Fight, One Guitar, Blaze of Glory, Moments in Time, Love Hope and Strength, Hallowed Ground, Second Generation ..............a m a z i n g

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Week Ago

This time last week I was still in the operating theatre having my Ooporectomy. A week has gone by and I don't regret it for a moment. It was the right thing to do and now I have the rest of my life to look forward to with no cancer baggage weighing me down in the form of monthly Zolodex injections.

This picture was taken a couple of days after the surgery. This is the op site on my right side, there is a smaller one on my left and one inside my naval.

The stitches are disolveable so no worries there about having them taken out.

The stitches are starting to break up now and I will be glad when they have gone because the op sites are sore. It's not too bad really its just that I worry about infection.

My lumpectomies and nodal sweep operations were far more painful than this op so I am hoping to be back in some sort of action in a week.

So the future for me is bright! No more Zolodex injections! (note to self: must phone the district nurse to let her know!).

I am looking forward to getting back into work, getting my dog grooming business up and running again.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Today is a Gift...

Kung Fu Panda

Ah.... what a film!!

These films are a bit like Enid Blyton stories where there is a moral within them.

I love this scene because the quote: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift" is such a brilliant saying to live by. A interpretation of what Jesus tells us to do, to think of today not tomorrow.

I think thats what we forget to do really. We tend to live in the past and worry about the future and whats the point? We can't change the past, its happened, its done with, we must accept and learn from it. We can't predict the future its so "unknown" but what we can do is live for today.

Today we have been blessed with all that we have and today is a day for making memories, good memories and happy times.

Don't worry about the future because we don't have ultimate control over it, what will be will be.

Ah... a memory comes to me.......

I was a little girl and I used to walk home from school across a small road, on the way, old Mr Jones would be standing at his wooden gate. He couldn't walk far because he was very old and had poorly feet. I think he may have been a litte senile too because he would always ask me my name. When I told him my name was .....


He would serendade me with this song..........

and give me a ..................

I often wonder what happened to Mr Jones.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Moving on from my surgery and cancer for this post, I am going to talk about something which has been on my mind for a while now. Its a simple but not so simple thing called.....


Respect comes in many shapes and forms. It is so subtle it becomes like living and breathing... or.... so it should.

Life has changed vastly in the last 20 years and one of the major changes is the change in respect.

Respect for yourself
Respect for others
Respect for authority

The list could go on.

I am not considered THAT old but I do remember as a "young lady" having doors held open for me.

I also remember gentleman "tipping" their hat to me, or if they didn't have a hat they would tug their forelock (and if they didn't have any hair they would pretend to).

Sadly, an example of the fact that this doesn't happen any more is my inability to find "modern" pictures on google for this act.

I must say, the last time a gentleman tipped his had to me was about 10 years ago and this person must have been in his late 90's in age but it made me feel so special and feminine.

My husband is a stickler for gentlemanly behaviour and he always ensures that he is walking on the outside of the pavement, that he pulls my chair for me when we sit down to eat, he allows me to sit first, holds the door open for me and generally makes me feel loved and cherished.

Respect as I started off with though comes in many forms and features throughout our lives.

Respect of others is something I feel very strongly about even though it might not be reciprocated. I was always brought up to imagine myself in the other persons shoes, and how I would feel.... I was also brought up to think "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and these days I always go by the quote "judge not lest ye be judged".

It shocks and upsets me deeply when others, especially those who I once called friends do not have my way of thinking.

Respect of others comes in many guises: giving up your seat for an older person, making way for people coming in your direction, simple terms such as "excuse me" or "thank you". 

These days I am fed up of being confronted by people who barge along the street as though you are not there.

Respect for yourself.

Letting your standards fall.

Respect for your body.

Rules have changed and attitudes have changed so that "freedom" is the key without regard to humanity, disease the affect on others.

Today the attitude seems to be "I want, I am entitled to, I can"

I love this picture because it says everything that I want to say without words, it says just what I see is happening and I am helpless to stop it.

I can see that attitudes have changed vastly since I was young. Youngsters are no longer interested in the things that drove me.... equality, fairness, poverty, jobs!!!!

These days people seem to thing (and this is a general ism) that that world owes them!!

The world owes nobody anything. We come into the world with nothing, we go out with nothing, what we do in between is up to us with a little bit of luck.

You have your hands.

And in the worlds of "Mike Peters" of "The Alarm" and the song "Spirit of 76".... I was from those times.......

"I'll carve a future with my two bare hands......"

Thank you for reading - I will now get off my soap box!

Pictures courtesy of google search

Friday, 26 October 2012

Post Surgery

Things are starting to click into place. 

My body is functioning as it should post surgery so that has been a huge relief I can tell you. However, I do like the taste of peppermint tea, its very refreshing!

The pain is ok, getting better and better each day and I hate to repeat myself but not as painful as my breast surgery.

This fact really amazes me because when I had my last breast operation in January, the ladies in my ward who had received similar surgeries were incapacitated, that fact and the fact that the doctors and consultants made me think that this was a serious surgery has really surprised me but in a nice way.

I really hated my surgery in January because I felt cheated. I felt as though it shouldn't have happened, it wasn't fair and therefore I begrudged every second I had to recuperate. 

This time I know I am going to be up and about soon and so I have a huge smile on my face!

The scars wont be too bad either.

One is actually in my belly button and that is where the camera was placed then I have two on either side of my tummy. One side has just one stitch in and the other has three.

I am led to believe (although I haven't been told officially) that both ovaries would have been taken out of the one side which I suppose is why one side is sorer than the other.

The sun is shining today and I feel as light as a feather.

A curtain has been lifted off my life.

And at last I really can see a future.......

Pictures courtesy of Google

Thursday, 25 October 2012


I wanted an Oophorectomy. This is an operation to remove my ovaries.

Having had a second breast cancer the oncologist decided to put me on Zolodex injections for 5 years. This injection stops the ovaries from working and put me into a false menopause.

I tried the 3 monthly injection but being a small person it hurt and I began to get panic attacks. I opted for the monthly injection and the thought of having that every month for the next five years really upset me. I felt as though I was still having cancer treatment which, in effect, I was! I felt as though my life was on hold, yet again and I couldn't move on. Bearing this in mind I pushed for the Oophorectomy.

I must say that the doctors and consultants were very obstructive. They seemed to stress the severity of such surgery, they were quick to point out the pit falls and even on the actual day of my surgery the consultant interrogated me, I felt as though I was on trial!!!!

I think they didn't want to make the decision easy for me because given my age, it is huge thing to decide and its permanent - no going back.

Hey, I have two gorgeous boys and I am the wrong side of 40 to be considering more babies indeed, another pregnancy could trigger off a third cancer and I am not going to risk that for anything.

Another thing I couldn't face the thought of was having the injections for 5 years, being in a menopausal state for 5 years then starting again..... the possibility of another cancer with that start then going through the menopause naturally - far too much for me to deal with given the 2 years of treatment for my first cancer.

I had the procedure on Tuesday 23rd October.

I went into surgery at 11.30 and was coming out of it at about 1pm.

I had a nebulizer before going in for the op because of my asthma and this opened my airways.

Before they put you under they check all of your details and ask you what op you are going in for - I suppose mistakes have been made in the past!

When I was taken to Bonny Ward in Wrexham Hospital I was surprised at the pain level of the op site.

Having had two big operations for breast cancer and been in alot of pain with them, I thought that with this being invasive surgery in my tummy and all the fuss the doctors made that I was going to be in agony. What a pleasant surprise it was to have pain similar to child birth really but not griping and grabbing like contractions. Not anywhere near as painful as the breast surgery.

I am on day 2 post op now and I am feeling fine. The pain is easing and I can move about albeit at a slower pace.

I am resting as much as I can because I am so so tired and am hoping that by the weekend I will be out and about almost as normal.

As for all of the horrible side effects the doctors were telling me about, well..... just the same as being on Zolodex! Bearable, you just have to plan things differently..... Fans, water sprays, layers of clothes etc etc etc

I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

When I recover from this surgery I will have my life back, its like a fresh start.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Good News on Health

Hey!!!! I am well overdue some good luck in my life!!!

I have had a number of health worries; aches, thirst, gums not healing, lethargy, finger swelling etc. My doctor ordered a full and comprehensive set of blood tests.

Well.... with the way I feel right now and the bug I had a couple of weeks ago I thought I was going to be told some grim news.

So with reluctance I saw my doctor this morning and do you know what?? Clean bill of health. No signs of any types of arthritus, my white and red blood cells are fine, no to diabetes, my kidney function is good and so is my liver. Relieved is not the word! So I can officially put down all of my "health issues" to side effects of the anti cancer drugs I am taking. Relieved, happy and thankful is how I feel right now.

Now the only two things I have in my life to really be worried about are (in order) my dog Wilbur and his infections.

These are the drains fitted with his first lumbar infection.

I have googled it but can't find anything on the subject. The infection he has now is a different one to the first and its coming out rather than just in.

Twice he has been put on antibiotics and twice its cleared up only to come back worse than before so the stage we are at now is waiting and observing. They tried to aspirate the lump but nothing came out this time so it could be an infection which his body is fighting but its a wait and see situation.

The lump is the size of the top of a tennis ball and when you place your fingers around it and apply pressure it goes deeper, very deep. He is not in pain, he has no temperature, apart from the lump he is fine and happy.

The vet has suggested removing the tissue but because it is a deep routed infection there is no guarantee that they can get it all away and they will have to take away muscle as well as tissue.

So... I am a realist when it comes to my animals. I love them with my entire soul but I don't think I could subject my lovely boy to this sort of surgery especially with an unknown prognosis and the fact that this is an extremely rare situation.

I think I am going to return to the vet this week and ask if they can put him on a max dose of antibiotics for as long as possible to try and kill the infection this way. If this doesn't work then I am afraid all other doors are not an option for me.

The second worry I have is about the insurance company I am with, Animal Friends. They are refusing to pay for Wilburs first treatment on a technicality and so I have had to scrape together the funds to pay for this which not being in work and still recovering from a second cancer is extremely hard as you can imagine.

Today I posted a letter to the financial ombudsman with a prayer in the desperate hope that he rules in my favour or at least asks for a compromise.

Life is not easy.

Its full of stumbling points and pit falls and along with those comes the tears.

However, its easy to stay on the floor and give up the only answer is, to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and continue the journey.

I am sure that at the journeys end it will all be worth it.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Up and Down Around and About

Funny title for a post really but it kind of describes the last few weeks for me perfectly. 

Since Snowdon Rocks its been a strange time, lots of changes, lots of challenges and lots of worries.

The first thing that happened was the Rossett Village Fete and I judged the dog show. I was really nervous because its a popular show but once I got into the swing of things I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I know what I could have done better so hopefully, if they have me back next year (which I hope they do) it will much improved. 

One of the ideas I have is for a cup or a rosette called the Love Hope Strength Pet of the Year. Basically, well before the show I would be giving out entry forms for people to nominate their pet for the award. All I would be asking for is their reasons as to how their pet has given them Love Hope and Strength. All entry fees taken would go to the charity itself and the winner would be chosen before the show and presented there. I would also like to put up a display board of all the entries as well.

I would also change some of the classes and definitely include one for young handler.

The same day as the show I came down with a virus. I was ill for over a week with a tummy bug, I have never been so ill with a bug in my life. I couldn't eat or even drink for days. How I did the show I don't know I think it was just through grim determination.

My youngest son started High School.

He is pictured here with his friend. We are neighbours and they were born within weeks of each other. Its nice that they have each other to go to school with.

It has been a big change for me because I now no longer have to do the school run. This gives me almost and extra hour a day!!!

Wilbur is still poorly! He developed a new infection in his side and has been treated with antibiotics but as soon as we finish a course it swells up again.

I took him to the vet on Friday and because not much fluid came out when she aspirated it she recommended leaving him for a week and monitor the swelling, it could be the natural healing process. He is happy in himself.... eating, playing, barking!!

I have had to find the money to cover the enormous vet bill we had from his previous illness. The insurance company Animal Friends wouldn't pay the bill because although I took Wilbur to the vet after the exclusion period, the vets notes said "Wilbur has been off colour for a week" they are saying that it takes us into the exclusion period. 

I wouldn't have agreed to the MRI scan had I known the insurance company wouldn't pay, I just didn't think! This is the reason you take out these policies!

I have been selling off my Steiff Bear Collection to raise funds to cover the bills and we are getting there slowly but it has been a huge weight on my shoulders.

I am so frustrated because its put us in an even tighter financial situation and I am not quite well enough to return to work. I could get a part time job in an office but that would give us child care issues and my heart is set on returning to dog grooming which is the job I love. However, I can't see me being able to cope as a mobile groomer so then I have to think about financing a salon.

I have been for genetic counselling and I have decided to get tested for the breast cancer genes. I feel that it is better to have the question answered than not. I have agreed to take part in a research programme, you never know it might help them to find out why these things happen especially as I was young and have had two breast cancers.

Whenever I go to these types of appointments I end up having a down day and Friday was the day for me. I might add that I had my Zolodex injection on the Monday so hormones may have had a part to play in it. The Zolodex injection flippin hurt, I nearly hit the roof and even the nurse was upset for me. I am going to see my GP and ask for the injection to be changed to monthly because the needle is smaller.

So.... it has been a bit of a funny few weeks as you can see.

Note: words or sentences which are highlighted are linked to pages on the web so if you would like more information on the subject, click on the highlighted words and it will take you to the right page.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Snowdon Rocks 2012

The aim of this world wide cancer charity is to provide cancer resources in every country. It also has a huge bone marrow donor drive and Mike is campaigning to reduce the donor age of people in the UK. At the moment you have to be 40 or under whereas in USA its 60. If you follow this LINK you can read a bit more about what the charity is about. 

Fighting cancer one concert at a time.

So thats what we did yesterday, me and Jason.... we joined Love Hope Strength to climb to the summit of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales to raise lots of money for this great charity.

We set off in the morning starting with a few words from Mike Peters and some tunes.

It started to rain and soon it was belting it down. By the time we got to the Halfway House we were completely drenched. A sandwich and a drink soon helped lift my mood and then I was amazed as Mike and Chris Summerill and Matt all did a song each.

I had to laugh at Mike and Jules young son, mimicking his dad behind him and when he was asked was he going to be a rock star when he grew up he said very firmly "a footballer".

I found that first trek very difficult mainly because I was over heating and yet having to wear waterproofs to keep me dry. Many times I saw that train on its merry way to the top and I wished I was on there!

It was lovely to see mini versions of Cola on the way up. This little chap was quite happy sleeping whilst being over looked and watched by the rest of his pack.

I especially liked meeting up with friends, Sue O, Shirley G, Joff N, Nigel and Sue A and their daughter, Chris S and his wife and lovely dogs not to mention Dave S! The man with the flag!

People were so friendly going up, it was inspiring to see young and old all going up with one aim in mind - to climb that summit and raise money for this cancer charity.

When we got to the top we were treated to more songs and then a well deserved hot chocolate and a warm before we went out into the elements again.

Mike Peters pictured here singing in the rain and yes he DID climb that flippin mountain with a knee injury!

Do you need inspiration? Do you need a heroe or mentor? Look no further than this man here!!!

Singing at the top - walkers who didn't know what we were about did look rather puzzled. Note to self.... next year - yep you heard me correctly - next year I am going to take some leaflets with me about the charity and when I get talking to people - which we did yesterday I will pass them on to spread the word. Its not just about the money its about raising awareness and getting people to register for bone marrow donorship.

The way down was alot easier and quicker plus the sun came out and by the time we got to the bottom our clothes were bone dry. Apart from my feet which were soggy and I feared a case of trench foot when I took my boots and socks off!

It was nice to be greeted by our mini Cola at the end.

Many people took their dogs up to the summit and thats a great idea, lovely day out for them but one woman (from a different party to LHS) took her 8 month old golden retriever up there and he was refusing to walk down, she had to go and get some food for him to encourage him.

NOTE: Dogs under the age of 1 years old should not be subjected to strenuous exercise which includes running with you, mountain walks or anything lasting a considerable amount of time. The reason for this is simple.... they are still growing and their bones are forming. Any exertion can cause skeletol problems later on in life. Always consult your vet before taking your dog on a walk such as this.

I didn't take my dogs for these reasons:-

Pickles - she is just over 8 years old and has always been stiff she isn't suited to such walks
Wilbur - is recovering from the back infection he had and is not fit enough as yet
Snowy - is only 9 months old and too young to tackle it

It was a great day and an achievement for me with the fun I have had this year so far !!!!

Money raised from this walk will be going to the North Wales Cancer Unit to improve the lives of cancer patients in this part of my country.

And on that note, I leave you with Chris Summerill - his next CD is out soon so he tells me!!!! Can't wait!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Cooking and Weight Loss

I am on the Weight Watchers diet its the only one which works for me because when I am on it, I eat allot of food but its healthy stuff, I educate myself about portion control and I tend to try new things.

I have lost weight with them before and I kept it off for years, it was only after my health blip I piled on the weight but now I am well on the road to recovery I want to get back to being the old me.

OK.... I know, I know......

I can never go back to being the "old me" but I can re-create myself and be the person I like and feel comfortable with.

I am a far cry from the 8 stone I used to be I can tell you!

I have been going to group for about 6 weeks now and so far I have lost half a stone. 

The weight isn't falling off, its dripping off very slowly but hey? I am in no race I can take as long as I like to get where I want to be.

Ah those were the years when it was all about the lycra and aerobics!

So today I am taking the opportunity to do some cooking.

I am trying a few vegetarian dishes and am using Quorn in one just to see what its like.

I like vegetarian dishes as long as they are tasty with lots of spice and I don't really miss the meat at all. So the dishes I am making will be for me because the kids don't like anything with "bits" in and my husband does like his meat.

I wonder what it will taste like!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics 2012

I wasn't really looking forward to the Olympics because of the economic climate and the governments constant cut backs but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I honestly didn't mind missing out on my favourite TV programmes!

I was also worried about security.....  

Private security???? oh p-lease!!!!

In a way it was a good thing that the private security firm messed up and the police and army stepped in at the eleventh hour because it shows the government that you really cannot use private firms for security and you cannot compromise security with all of these cut backs.

Both the Army and the Police force have done a fantastic job. The police have been working double shifts, 86 hour weeks and have had leave cancelled. Forces across the country have been on stand by "just in case". These people are dedicated individuals working selflessly to uphold the law and to keep us all safe.

There have been so many highs during these last two weeks!

I thought the Olympic hoops lighting up and taking up into the sky was totally amazing

Mr Bean part of the Orchestra playing Chariots of Fire had me in constant stitches laughing!

I thought the portrayal of the wonderful NHS (National Health Service) which we are so lucky to have in Britain was an important part of the ceremony at a time when the government is making cut back after cut back and striving (it would seem) to work towards privatising health.

And the spoof James Bond with Her Majesty the Queen shocked me! Seriously.... my jaw was hitting the floor! I couldn't believe that she actually DID that and I think she is amazing for doing so.

They did such a sterling job of the opening ceremony. It was historical, it was magical, it was different, it was innovative it was very British.

I have been amazed at the athletes and how wonderfully they have performed, they have been truly inspiring.

For me, the best parts were the Equestrian events. Sadly I missed allot of them due to life going on but I did manage to watch the individual dressage last Thursday and I am telling you that when Charlotte Dujardin scored 90% in her test and took the gold I was crying and jumping around the room like a mad thing! 

Gosh, waiting for her scores I felt sick I could barely breathe!

So today the Olympics 2012 ends and I must say although I am sad that its over, I am looking forward to the closing ceremony tonight.

Well done to everyone who made this event happen.....

The background guys, the police, army, athletes, grooms, reporters, cleaners - everyone, everyone played a part in making this a memorable event.

**Pictures courtesy of Google Chrome **