Friday, 28 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

As this year comes to an end one can't help but look back and review what has happened.

Like 2011 the year started badly with Wilbur being taken ill. Almost at the same time I was diagnosed with another breast cancer.

Surgery followed for both of us and radiotherapy for me.

Our pet insurance company refused our claim on a technicality and we were left to scrape together £2000 which has crippled us.

My dad was very ill and was in and out of hospital and I was plagued with a string of illnesses which made it impossible to visit him.

The side effects of my new hormone treatment left me in constant pain so each day was a struggle.

In september my dad died and I was left to sort out everything. On the day of the funeral I was given the date for my oopherectomy so with another operation, the stress of clearing his flat and sorting out his affairs coupled with the demands of strangers made for a difficult time. No wonder my blood pressure is high.

So those are the bad parts of the year but there were plenty of good bits too!

The Gathering
Snowy was given to me and she has been the light in my life
I judged a dog show!
Mike Peters gigs

But most of all I am humbled by the LOVE and support given to me by so many.

So in the embers of a horrible year the one thing that stands out for me is the amazing and wonderful people I have in my life.