Monday, 13 February 2012

CT Scan - Again

Had another CT scan today but this one wasn't nuclear it was Iodine and was alot faster to have done although a little fiddlier.

I had a canula fitted in my arm through which the dye was drip fed during the scanning process.

First was the bone density scan with the freaky electronic voice saying "breathe in and hold" then after a few seconds "breathe". The sound of the machine and the fact that I appeared to be in a capsule made me feel like a space traveller going on my special journey.... towards what??? a cancer free world!

When the dye went into my system it was the funniest feeling in the world, I felt a coppery taste in my mouth and I felt as though I was going to suffocate, as it traveled through the veins it was like  fire traveling around my system.

I was relieved to get that over with.

I had a cup of tea in the cafe just to collect my thoughts then decided to go and buy a new collar and lead for Pickles as a distraction. Red with white spots, matching of course!

I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as I think of Thursday which seems to be fast approaching. My thoughts were pinned on this scan but now it is over and done with, there are no more hurdles to cross until the big one.

On a funny note, I turned Cola out early this morning and of all the days I needed him to be a good boy he decided to not go into his field but to turn and run away. I caught him of course and used my arm and hand as a headcollar and led him back to his field telling him all the while what a "naughty boy" he was. As I walked away he stared at me for a long while and I reminded him "he was a naughty boy!"

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  1. Reading your reaction to that dye in your system...mention it to your doctor please. I'm allergic to most of the contrast mediums used in these procedures and although they have changed the make up of it here in Canada, your reaction sounds very like one I had. It is worth noting to have in your file. Could be nothing but could be your system's reaction to it. xoxo


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