Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well here it is, Sunday night and the weekend is over almost. It's been quite a nice weekend, Jason was home on Saturday and today I have spent the entire day deep cleaning my living room. I made a list of all the jobs which needed doing and made a start. I have got through most of the list but will start again tomorrow.

My Nain used to say "The Devil Makes Work for Idle Hands" and she always suggested scrubbing floors if you were feeling down. I can tell you that it does work! It kept my mind occupied and probably helped me to burn a few calories.

The funny thing about this last week or so is that my back ache has almost disappeared, I wasnt able to walk at one point and now its (touch wood) gone! All I can think is that Him upstairs must think I have enough on my plate with the dodgy boob and Wilbur.

So.... Monday, Tuesday then D-day Wednesday.....

Oh boy.... Weds is an important day for my family!

I get my results at 9.30am and then I can get on with my life whatever the outcome.

Wilbur goes for an MRI scan to find out the extent of his spinal damage then we decide on what needs to be done.

I am more worried about my little dog than I am about me. I understand what is happening to me but he hasn't got a clue. I can't explain to him that the painkillers he keeps spitting out and hiding in his beard are actually good for him or that come Wednesday we will know how to stop his pain.

I had so many plans for Wilbur. I waited until he was over 1 and I started running with him. I had a special belt around my waist and the line attached to Wilbur was like a bungy rope. I was even considering entering into some CaniX events (running races with your dog) but it looks as though that is over for us now.

My other dog Pickles is a dreadful runner! The only time she runs is if something edable has dropped onto the floor!

Talking about running, as I have had the go ahead from the orthopedic team I am starting running again as from tomorrow. I follow the ZEST Running Made Easy programme and I know that over time I will be ready for a 10K race again. I have to use my posh new Garmin which my dad got me for Christmas!!!

If you are considering running its important that you follow these bits of advice. I have been running for a few years now with my break when I was having treatment and I have researched the subject quite alot.

Your CV system is easier and faster to train than your muscular/skeletol so you might feel you can pound the road for mile after mile but this will lead to injury. Walking is just as important as running and combining the two in a slow build up programme will significantly decrease the risk of injury.

When buying footware, go to a specialist shop and have your gait analysed. I had mine done in Chester. I also chose the shoes there and the size (always go one size up from your normal shoe size) but I didnt buy them from there, I took the details home, googled them and got them for £25 cheaper!

Running shoes have to be replaced regularly!

The other thing I would suggest if you are a lady is - get yourself a decent sports bra even if you are small busted. I feel as though I am suffocating when I am in mine !

So I have a few plans for the week ahead. Mainly housework and dog walking but I am tense about Wednesday for a few reasons.

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  1. my mother used to say "you bored, clean a toliet" and when my children (were children) and called me at work because they were bored I say okay by the time I get home have the linen (or whatever) closet cleaned out - take every thing out, shake it, refold and put back in in catagories.... they wouldn't call very often. I love that you run, I don't, have never liked running... have always walked, and long distances. In my early 40s I walked upward of 20 miles a week. now though I have to ride indoor bike - I do spinning and love it. My knees creak like old cabinet doors and it hurts to run and yes my boobies bob all over the place - a good bra is a must.


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