Sunday, 11 December 2016

If You Can Dream It.....

...... you can do it.

I wear a silver thumb ring with that inscription.

Today I was encouraged to look at myself... to think aboutmy biggest fears and to challenge them.

My biggest fear is failure.

Failure to be a good mum, daughter, wife, person...... everything really and the trouble with this is that I get to set the standards which are unbelievable high.

I then looked at my thumb ring and considered the inscription and realised that my fear was holding all of my dreams back.

I then thought of how I encourage youngsters to reach for their dreams because they can do it and realised that I was giving advice that I can't follow because of my fear.

So I am going to focus on overcoming my fear and start to reach for the stars with both hands.

So what is your fear? Are you going to challenge it too?

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Meet My Guardian Angel

This is Cola, he's my Fell pony and my best friend.

Cola is 25 years old. Last year he was diagnosed with Cushings disease. Since then, he has been taking prascend and last week he had blood tests done which shows that the disease is under control.

To be honest with you, he doesn't look like a typical Cushings horse because he has a shiny coat which is normal in thickness and not at all curly.

He has a bad back, or hips to be precise but I am so lucky to have a friend who is a Mctimoney practitioner. When doing her training, she used Cola as a guineapig especially as he had a complicated and very old injury. Since then she has been treating him on a regular basis.

C of Equine Outline is amazing. Cola has gone from hiding in the corner of his stable when he sees her to loving it. Today was no exception although only a minor twinge was there in his hips.

His physio Jess Jones is also a friend and stable mate, she works her magic on him and has made great progress. Using physio and McTimoney together has definitely worked for my old boy.

Friday, 28 October 2016


All of my life I have struggled with personal image. Too ugly, ears like a monkey, stick legs, fat legs.... you name it and I have thought it about myself.

Then this disease started battling with me and it robbed me of the few things that I actually liked about myself like my long slim fingers, my hair, my boobs.

Recently I had a minor op and I have had to use a special cream. One day as I was using the cream it just struck me that in actual fact... my body wasn't me.

I know this sounds daft and crazy but my body really isn't me. It's a house for my soul and it allows me to live on this mortal plain.

I am the caretaker of this house which works very hard to serve my soul and the least I can do is love, admire and respect it.

My poor body has been hated and disliked for so many years and yet it's fought incredibly hard to keep functioning for my sake.

I must have business to deal with on earth before my soul is set free.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Modern Mindfulness

Sitting in my car with a cup of coffee, watching the cars and vans whoosh past on the highway above me.... People living their lives and going about their daily business.

We live in such stressful times where money is king and technology is its queen. Technology which allows us to connect and yet be unconnected in all but a few special cases.

So absorbed in the royalty so confined and defined by them we forget our true purpose in life and with that, the real meaning.

To help us feel connected we take part in mindfulness exercises, designed to help us relax in the minimum amount of time in order to maximise our useful purpose in the machine that is society.

How did our for bearers live without such a system?

They practiced mindfulness throughout their daily lives. No machine to wash clothes so they used boards and stones to scrub and scrub... No bread machines or ready sliced loaves to buy from the local tesco so they would pummel and knead and bake....

Although poor in pocket they were rich in spirit.

How I wish life could once again be that simple

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sunny Days and Autumn Breeze

As I lie here contemplating my day, I am blessed with bird song and sun together with a crisp autumn breeze.

Life is a treasure.

I haven't posted for a while. The black dog has had me firmly in his grip. Anxiety levels have been extreme, self doubt, self hate and feeling unworthy.

It's a hard and constant fight.

Going out of the door in the morning is a struggle although nobody would guess it because they are greeted with a smile and merry chatter but gosh.... the pretence is exhausting so socialising in the evening is something that I avoid these days.

Some friends will understand this and quietly accept the stormy sea I am travelling with a watchful eye ready to cast out a life boat if necessary and every now and again, showing me their light to remind me of their presence.

Other friends don't understand why my journey is so difficult or why I haven't called into their port yet. They see the mighty waves I am battling as mere sea.... but they haven't encountered the devilish waves sent to scupper me.

This is my journey though and I must concentrate on my course and keeping my battered ship intact.

I appreciate my beacons for they offer hope. The impatient ports can wait for I am not sure that I will ever dock there even when I find more settled seas.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bleedin Ears

A simple little tidy up for my number 3 dog Snowy.

All was going really well and she was enjoying the experience. Normally I have to hand scissor her head but today she let me clip it.

Ear one done....ear two... disaster, something moved, she darted her head around then there was blood..... lots of blood.

Quickly reached for the polyroll and applied pressure. Too much blood. Quickly got my first aid kit out, applied styptic powder then a bandage.

After an hour it was starting to heal but the little monkey got the bandage off and hey presto... lots of blood.

Trip to the vet. Saw an amazing vet who was lovely and praised my actions and my dressings.

Snowy is now sporting a camo bandage with a cone of shame.

He wants to stitch it but its a tiny nick, smaller than a grain of rice so I think it will be ok to heal on its own.

Poor Snowy.

I feel so awful about it but these things happen.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild is an invitation to everyone to enjoy nature in some way during the month of June. 

I enjoy this little challenge although I do feel a bit of a cheat because I love in a semi rural village and I have a horse and dogs so nature is part of my life.

Taking part in this challenge makes me aware of how lucky I am to live where I live and to say a prayer of gratitude for that fact along with my faculties to enjoy them.

I have fallen behind with my 30 day wild tweets so this is what I have done.

1. Signed up to the big bee count and logged sightings of any bees I have spotted in my garden.

2. While out on my Fell pony I stopped my mind and listened to the music of the countryside.... birds song and the wind in the trees.

3. I giggled when the baby Swallow popped it's bottom out of its next to have a poop then snuggled back in again.

4. Noticing just how many types of grasses there are. Their texture and size.

5. Walking bare foot in the garden and recognising the sensations of hot, cold, soft and hard.

6. Watching a male black bird sqawke around for hours trying to find his mate. He did this until he lost his voice and didn't care a jot about the resident cats.

7. I sat in my bedroom watching the trees through the window and made shapes up in my head.

8. I ran along a country lane appreciating the scents of nature.

Many lovely things to do and lots to be grateful for.