Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting Fit

My friend Janet commented on my last post, saying that I should set myself some small goals with a reward. It's so weird her saying that because I was thinking the same thing myself.

I have managed to fit 4 runs in this week and all of them bar one were good. The "bad" run was done at 5.30am and the air was really heavy, it triggered my asthma and so that's why it was such a struggle.

I made the mistake of running at 9am on Saturday when the sun was up and I found that too hot for me, I don't know why but I just cannot run in the heat which is why I only ever enter races in the autumn or during the winter. Having said that, last years Tatton Yule Yomp backfired on me because I was running through freezing fog in sub zero temperatures!!!

During Saturday mornings run, I was trying to figure out why I got headaches in the heat. I decided that it must be something to do with tension in my neck which I do suffer with. So, that fact coupled with Janet's suggestion as my first reward I might book myself in for a sports massage.

I must admit, being back at running is so good, I can't believe I have had a 3 month break. Even if I run for a short space of time, I feel so great afterwards and its good to be out and about seeing and appreciating the countryside. On one of my runs I had a hare running towards me with his big gangling legs, he soon spotted me though and did a double turn!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Keep on Running

Once I got through treatment I was determined to run my first 10K, something my illness had delayed for me. I decided to run the Tatton Yule Yomp in December 2010 and raised almost £800 for the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Since achieving my goal I have gone off the boil as far as my running is concerned. I have been affected with bouts of ill health and the depression has been kicking in a bit.

Having finished treatment, I think that the enormity of what I have been through over the past two years actually hit me and I have had to deal with that so that I can move on with my life which is what I feel I am doing right now.

I am desperately trying to lose a stone in weight, that way, when I DO come off the tamoxifen in a few years time the rest will come off naturally because I am still carrying fluid in my fingers that I can see so it must be all over.

I have tried diets to no avail so now I have decided to cut back on the wine and limit wine to once or twice a week, run (so I wont drink alcohol before my run days) and eat sensibly.

I have been onto the runners world events list and have book marked a few events so now I just have to prepare for them, sort out routes, timings to get there, my husbands shifts and child care and away we go.

Follow my blog to keep in touch with what I am doing.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Moon Bears in Plight

If you are new to blogging I just want to draw your attention to a small matter! If you see any words in this blog which change shade from black, this means that if you click on them, they will take you to a page which will give more information about the subject highlighted. Please take the opportunity to follow the links, these bears need you! Thank you.

I stumbled across Moon Bears quite by accident. I had heard of brown bears, polar bears etc but never, ever knew about these beautiful creatures.

I think I was on facebook and somebody posted a link and from that moment on I have followed the stories on their facebook page, frustrated at not being able to do something to help them in their plight.

This photo describes these special bears far better than words can. I think this is Oliver, a rescue bear.

These bears are used in Chinese medicine.

Their bile is thought to have healing properties.

They are captured from the wild or sometimes bred into their role as Moon Bear bile providers.

Now then, in words, it doesn't really sound that bad does it?

Let me tell you in words and pictures what it REALLY means!

Firstly - if you follow this link (remember to click on this sentence) you won't need my words! 

These bears are locked into COFFIN CAGES for up to 30 years. As they grow they become more and more uncomfortable as you can see by the pictures.

This isn't the end.........sadly..........

The bear is then subjected to inhumane surgery. Often carried out without anaesthetic and not even by vets. A metal tube is inserted directly into their gall bladder so that several times a day, depending on how much bile that particular bear produces, the gall bladder is drained of its bile. This is such a painful process. The bears are unable to stop this happening to them because of their cramped conditions.

The bears weep tears of sadness and pain........

YES, they weep just like you and I would.

If they try to commit suicide then they are further incarcerated in metal armour. YES they do try to commit suicide. YES they do self harm. YES they do carry out infanticide.

But why? They are only dumb animals!

No they are not! This is just an illustration of a fact I feel passionate about. The fact that all animals have souls. They have the capacity to love, to feel sad, depressed, full of joy and excitement. Its just that they don't look like us humans and they don't speak our language.

Thankfully Animals Asia are working hard to outlaw bile farming and have set up a rescue centre for bears like Oliver.

At last after 30 years of life in a coffin cage, subjected to excruciating pain every day for those years, and lets just shock you here with some stats ........ that's 10,560 days enduring 21,120 painful extractions (that's only if its done twice a day) these beautiful creatures can live the life they were born to live.

Please take some time to watch this video, it is sad but its beautiful too.

I don't have allot of money to give, I would willingly give my time but I live in another country so even that isn't an option. I have chosen to highlight the plight of these bears, to spread the word in the hope that somebody reading my blog or my links will have enough influence to help.

I have written to some bear manufacturers "Charley Bears" asking them if they would produce a limited edition Moon Bear with some of the proceeds being given to the charity. If everyone did this, the pressure would be so great that I am sure these manufacturers would do this.

Write to your MP get your voice heard.

Don't under estimate the power of your voice! I managed to save our local schools tennis courts by starting a petition and working with our local councillor. You have the power to help these bears without money. All you have to do is write and if enough of us did that, we could make an impact.

For more information follow this link

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Today we went into Wrexham town to do some shopping. Click on the links to find out more information on the shops and places mentioned, the Queen Square link has a video running.  I went in with the boys and my mum and we had a great day. Our first stop was Wrexham Library and the art display there was amazing as were some of the ornaments for sale.

Joe managed to find the book he was after so it was quite a successful visit.

After stopping for cash we paid a visit to the Pebble chip shop on Argyle Street for chip cones, then we sat in Queens Square admiring the trees and flowers and wondering where the Burma Bell has gone???

Wrexham Swimming Baths

Cooks Bridge - Trevalyn Rossett where I keep my pony

Quite a few shops have been hit hard by the recession and so there were alot of closing down sales. A sign of the times to see charity shops and discount stores well frequented.

I managed to get a couple of CDs for a pound each: The Jam - Beat Surrender, Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence Patience and Grace and Kasabian - Empire. Just in the process of downloading them on to my itunes.

I also managed to get a fab new handbag for £7, a posh card holder for my personal cards and a dressing gown for under £5 - great bargains.

Once we dropped my mum at home, we stopped off at JayDee Aquatics so that Joe could get his acquarian water tested and purchase some more barbs. The assistant who is the son of the owner plays bass and was quite interested in my badges of The Alarm and Killing for Company....

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I have always wanted my nose pierced and up until recently I honestly didnt know that you could get any part of your ear pierced - call me naive!!! When a friend had her tragus pierced, I though "how cute" and decided that I would be getting a piercing too.

I had to discount the nose piercing because of my hayfever and rhinitus, it would be more hassle that its worth so decided to opt for my tragus.

I didn't go into this blind, I researched the matter thoroughly and asked lots of questions and eventually found a fabulous piercer called Carl who owns "The Piercing Bodz" in Rufus Court, Chester. You need to check my link out to his web page because it really is a mine of information.

I booked the piercing before the weekend and put it to the back of my mind...... until the day came, which was yesterday! I am so glad my friend came with me because without her and the texts of encouragement from my other friend, I may not have gone through with it.

I had my lobes pierced when I was a teenager with a gun, Carl explained that this is not a good way to pierce because it shatters the flesh making it take longer to heal and more open to infection. I did get really bad infections in both ears and thats why it has taken me decades to follow my heart and get another piercing.

Carls "shop" is so relaxing, lovely comfy couches to sit on. Carl takes his time to clean and prepare his room before clients are allowed in. I was invited to sit on the chair while he scrubbed up thoroughly and donned his gloves! My friend was with me giving me support all of the way. Carl asked me to wiggle my toes and whoop it was done - virtually no pain! Having a canula inserted into the veins of my hands was much more painful!!

At the end of the procedure I was given a lollipop and a special sticker for being brave!

A day later and my piercing is slightly sore but only to be expected. The jewelry used is plastic so the cells will repair themselves around it rather than to it so no need for turning it or generally messing around with it!

Monday, 11 July 2011


Rhys is a little five year old boy with GI George Syndrome. This has meant that in his little life he has had to endure a number of serious operations.

His parents and grandparents give Rhys such love and strength and support him strongly in all that he does.

Rhys is going into hospital today for another major operation on his palette. This operation comes with risks as do all such things but will enhance and improve Rhys's life so much, it really must go ahead.

I have the honour of being a friend of Rhys and his family and I am always amazed at their positive and selfless approach to caring for their son.

If you have a few moments to spare, please say a little prayer for Rhys that the operation is a success and he has a speedy recovery.

Thank you x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thinking of Others

I am attempting to return to my blog again but this time I am going to be a little more structured with my posts in that I will choose a subject, take the necessary pictures and videos and maybe write somthing a little more substantial.

On my return to blogging after a turbulant 2011, I must express my deep belief that one should think of others and I  return to my "Brownie Guide Promise"........

"I promise that I'll do my best, and do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and help other people and keep the brownie guide law"

"A brownie guide should think of others before herself, do a good turn every day"

I was seven years old when I made those promises and although I have made mistakes along the way, still to this day try to adhere to them.

I am bringing my children up to be considerate to others as well and that means being respectful of property and of peoples feelings.

Bearing this in mind, you can imagine how awful it was to have a teenage party going on across the road in our small and generally quiet cul-de-sac. 15 year olds drinking alcohol and being supervised by parents who were also drinking. Had the party remained in the house there wouldn't have been a problem but it spilled out into the street and below our bedroom window, also onto the roads at the back of us. Bottles being smashed, kids dodging cars so there were car horns and shouts, attempting to break in to the empty house by us and generally being disruptive. They are not the type of people who can be approached so erring on the side of caution my friend and neighbour called the police.

This was followed by the mother banging first on my front door where my husband was trying to sleep ready for a 6am shift and then on Frans door. She wanted to know who had called the police and why. The incident culminated in me tripping over and bashing my face as I tried to keep up with my fellow neighbours and finally my husband having to get out of bed and use his warrant card to disperse the crowds.....

We all have parties, we all love parties but the difference is we have respect for others and are mindful of their living conditions. On the one occasion I did organise a large party, I hired the local hall for £30 so that our neighbours would not be inconvenienced.

A sad state of affairs that generally people think that they have the right to do whatever they want albeit at the expense of others...... Food for thought!