Saturday, 30 March 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere.......

... but not a drop to drink!!!

I am fed up with the wet weather now.....

We had a wet summer last year which made it difficult for the farmers to get their crops in and meant that our horses were stuck in their stables and then the winter has been appalling so much so that the horses have been stabled for weeks on end.

Not only is this costly in extra hay and bedding but the horses are suffering physically and mentally.

I started the winter quite happy with my horses weight knowing that after the winter he would be starting spring in the best shape he has been in a long while but this long confinement has made him pile on the blubber!

So now I am having to soak his hay to reduce the sugars in it which is time consuming and hard blinking work physically!!!


to make matters worse, with his age, weight and being kept in he has "done his back in" three times now. Its costing me a fortune in physio/chiro for him plus not being able to ride him during that time!!!

I am waiting for the back lady to visit on Tuesday because he is in pain again. He is such a lovely boy and rarely naggy but yesterday he wouldn't let me touch his back.... once he had been out for his 2 hour quota (better than nothing) he was feeling better....

So now I am walking him out in hand, carrying on with stretching exercises in his stable and loose schooling him at night in the menage - all of this is time consuming, worrying and hard work.

Sorry for the moan but I really had to get this off my chest!

Lets hope the sun stays out and we have less rain!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Letter C

Well, a few years ago I was inspired by the late Barry Fraser to join a blogging group called Friday Shoot Out. Each week there would a theme and you would share photos based on that theme. This really was a fun thing to do and helped when I was recovering from cancer. 

Life has moved on since then and I have long since stopped posting in the group but low and behold, via Twitter I found a person doing the same thing and I thought I would give this a go, a fresh start with some new people.

So the theme for this week is the letter C.

Well, my Mr C plays such a huge part in my life how could I not feature this post on him my Cola.

Monday, 11 March 2013


I am at a point in my life where I am being reminded of my faith in God. I have always kept my dialogue going with Him but from time to time you need to bring yourself into line and remember that if you put yourself into His arms, He will look after you.

All my life He has cared for me.

Whatever I have asked Him for He has given me, maybe not in the conventional way but He has always answered my prayers.

I could fill a book with examples of this but I won't do that, I will just cherry pick a couple of my life experiences.

One of my oldest memories as a 3 year old was praying for a rag doll and one day, out of the blue my Nain visited us bringing with her a rag doll she had won in a raffle. I couldn't believe it! I called her LuLu, she was an ugly thing but I loved that doll not just because it was what I wanted but because of what she represented to me.

Our family dog was a rescue called Patch, she was in our family before I was born! I loved her so much and was in awe of her connection with my mum. I longed for a relationship like that with a dog and I used to sit at the bottom of our garden and pray for a dog, a special dog. She would be small and scruffy and she would follow me and love me........ I waited 20 years for that dog and in a random way she came to me in my wonderful soul mate Bobbi. I always refered to her as my "wish come true" and "my gift from God".

Bobbi was with me for such a short time but she got me through a very difficult time in my life. Trying for a family. I used to confide in her, cry on her, she was my rock and when my Joe was born..... she had cancer at age 5 and she left me. Her job on this earth was done and I hold her in my heart forever.

I need to find it in myself to put myself into Gods arms again. I have big things in my life right now, things which will affect others and I need His guidance and His care to make sure I follow the right path.

God is good.