Monday, 31 May 2010

Colas First Show

It was our first show with Coca Cola yesterday. We went to Muleberry Show which is just at the bottom of Rhuallt hill. A lovely and beautiful venue and very friendly! We didn't know what to expect behaviour wise because the little fella can be quite firey at times! He let the whole show ground know that he was present but apart from that he was so well behaved. Mind you, I think the long, lush grass had something to do with that!
We had such a fun day and here they are sporting Colas rosettes. Joe got a first with a trophy for best mane!
Tack and Turnout - first
Dales/Fell - first
Mountain and Moorland - second
Best tail - second
Best mane - first
Veteran under 20 - second
14.2 and under - second

Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy Days

Well, I have lost another 1 and a half pounds at Weight Watchers this week and achieved two goals..... 10% loss and a stone. Dawn (my leader) picked a really pretty stone for me and I am going to keep it in my car to remind me of my achievement. I did quite fancy getting a silver ring for my little finger as a token reminder but I couldnt find anything that was quite right. I don't think I will ever find anything as nice as the wooden ring my son Joe gave me with a painted flower. Sadly that ring broke but it is forever engraved in my memory.

My husband and I spent a lovely afternoon in Chester . We went to Picollinos for lunch, a swanky Italian resteraunt. The atmosphere was comfortable, the service was second to none and the food was very good. I resisted the temptation to eat my way through a whole load of cheese and pasta and chose the chicken caesar salad instead. The waiter raised his eyebrows when I asked him to hold on the dressing!!

My son Joe did really well at swimming club this week. It was badge night and he got his 2000 metre certificate and badge, the first ever in the 26 year history of the club. Joe is only a little fella and I am amazed at how well he performed. So many parents have made a point of coming up to me and singing his praises, I am so proud of him.

Our family was selected to take part in a health survey and the lady conducting it commented on how she loved visiting my house because of my beautiful painted stones. My stones are a reminder to everyone to keep smiling, be happy and positive and of course, my special stone garden lists the names of those who I pray for every day. You know who you are!

Chester is such a beautiful city with an amazing array of resteraunts, shops and street artists. Today, the sun was out and it was so relaxing being able to walk around, watch tourists, locals etc. I bought myself some Bobby Brown mascara from debenhams so hopefully it will be smudgeproof. At £17.50 I jolly well hope it is! I also bought myself some crystals, some for healing and some for re-aligning my chakras and a rose quartz dowsing crystal. Luckily there is a full moon tonight so I will cleanse my crystals and energise them in the light of the full moon.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Goodbye and Hello

I have blogged my last blog on Cancer Aint Gonna Beat Me, because it didnt, and I want to put that part of my life into the past. I know that I am still having treatment, I have 6 more infusions of herceptin which will take me to October 2010 but I feel as though I have moved on now.

New side effects I am experiencing in this hot weather is pain in my hands. I have been to the GP and he doesn't think that it is arthritus but a side effect of the herceptin so I will be discussing this with the oncologist next week.

I had a very interesting weekend. We had highs in temperature of 27 degrees so it was too hot to ride but we ended up in the ruins of Caegwrle castle from 9.30pm until 1.30am on a Ghost Hunt. We did make contact with quite a few souls, too many to list in great detail but we did meet a welsh speaking spirit. It was a really interesting night but lovely to be sitting amongst ancient ruins with our tea light candles burning on the stone.

I did the Race for Life on Sunday and even at 11am temperatures were at 27 degrees so I decided to power walk rather than run. I did the 5K in 40 mins which was quite good. I was amazed at the amount of women who were running the course and it was obvious that they had never run before, there were many with incorrect footwear!

I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the warm up was fun and so was the walk. It was sad to see pictures and names of those who had died and in my own little way, I fought back at the sadness because I dedicated my RFL to myself - one year survivor. SURVIVOR - I like that word.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

This week has been extremely busy for me. Monday was a bank holiday so the children were off school, Tuesday was a good day for me because I had time to walk the dogs, see to Cola and ride him but Wednesday and Thursday have been taken up with hospital appointments.
Wednesday I had an appointment with the Breast Cancer surgical team and the good news is that everything is ok, but I knew that anyhow!
Today I had an appointment with the Autistic team at Wrexham Hospital with regard to my youngest son. His assessment has been fine tuned to better fit his existing needs and the outcome of our meeting was that Dr D is going to refer H to the ADHD team for assessment, he is going to research OT or Physio and give me copies of his report so that I can give it to the relevant bodies.
I contacted the three major parties in relation to the NAS campaign and the Liberal Democrats were the only party to respond which is quite sad.
I am really frustrated with the entire system for children with special needs. I knew that there was a problem with my son by the age of 2 and yet there was no support for me at all. The Health Visitor was as much use as a chocolate fire guard and never once followed up on us despite referring H for speech therapy and despite the fact that I copied her in on all of the reports and assessments I had done. She was a complete waste of space and I am angry that such an incompetant person can be in such a position being paid good wages. She has let me, my son and my family down.
When H was referred to speech therapy, luckily for us, not many children turned up for the group and the therapist quickly identified that there was something more of an issue with my son than just speech. She fine tuned his speech sessions and turned them into a language assessment. This was good for us because H does not concentrate very well and the "normal" 3/4hr assessment would not have worked. The result of this assessment was that H needed one to one support in the classroom........ He was 4! It took me until he was 7 1/2 to get him one to one support, until he was 8 to get him outreach language therapy and now his language is up to speed, they have identified that his reading age is very young and this is a huge problem seeing as how he only has 2 more years left in primary education.
My gripe is.....
WHY? didn't I get more support
WHY? did I have to rely on chance to get a language assessment
WHY? did I have to be grateful to luck on knowing a doctor who carried out an autistic assessment
WHY? did I have to have depression and therapy before the autistic team got involved with us
WHY? can't the education and health service work together to provide a more complete service
WHY? does each problem have to be tackled seperately instead of as a whole so H has problems with fine and gross motor skills, speech language and communication, reading and writing
WHY? are the waiting lists so long for each source of help
So with that off my chest I can now return to the joys of parenting a child with autism.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fight Back - Lets Explain

Those who know me of old will know what a huge fan I am of The Alarm and Mike Peters. The title of my new blog is taken from one of his songs "Fight Back", a song that is about fighting cancer BUT can be about fighting any adversity one faces in life. Personally, when I am down, I play this song and I come back fighting....

Fight Back is all about fighting back.... Opposing negativity and opening your soul up to positivity.

When I finished councelling for depression in 2008 my signature tune became "Without A Fight" also by the Alarm and these two songs combined are me...

I am about to leave Cancer Ain't Gonna Beat Me, I have some ideas for the last post and will be preparing for that over the next few days. Now is the time to move on and kick back.