Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Good News on Health

Hey!!!! I am well overdue some good luck in my life!!!

I have had a number of health worries; aches, thirst, gums not healing, lethargy, finger swelling etc. My doctor ordered a full and comprehensive set of blood tests.

Well.... with the way I feel right now and the bug I had a couple of weeks ago I thought I was going to be told some grim news.

So with reluctance I saw my doctor this morning and do you know what?? Clean bill of health. No signs of any types of arthritus, my white and red blood cells are fine, no to diabetes, my kidney function is good and so is my liver. Relieved is not the word! So I can officially put down all of my "health issues" to side effects of the anti cancer drugs I am taking. Relieved, happy and thankful is how I feel right now.

Now the only two things I have in my life to really be worried about are (in order) my dog Wilbur and his infections.

These are the drains fitted with his first lumbar infection.

I have googled it but can't find anything on the subject. The infection he has now is a different one to the first and its coming out rather than just in.

Twice he has been put on antibiotics and twice its cleared up only to come back worse than before so the stage we are at now is waiting and observing. They tried to aspirate the lump but nothing came out this time so it could be an infection which his body is fighting but its a wait and see situation.

The lump is the size of the top of a tennis ball and when you place your fingers around it and apply pressure it goes deeper, very deep. He is not in pain, he has no temperature, apart from the lump he is fine and happy.

The vet has suggested removing the tissue but because it is a deep routed infection there is no guarantee that they can get it all away and they will have to take away muscle as well as tissue.

So... I am a realist when it comes to my animals. I love them with my entire soul but I don't think I could subject my lovely boy to this sort of surgery especially with an unknown prognosis and the fact that this is an extremely rare situation.

I think I am going to return to the vet this week and ask if they can put him on a max dose of antibiotics for as long as possible to try and kill the infection this way. If this doesn't work then I am afraid all other doors are not an option for me.

The second worry I have is about the insurance company I am with, Animal Friends. They are refusing to pay for Wilburs first treatment on a technicality and so I have had to scrape together the funds to pay for this which not being in work and still recovering from a second cancer is extremely hard as you can imagine.

Today I posted a letter to the financial ombudsman with a prayer in the desperate hope that he rules in my favour or at least asks for a compromise.

Life is not easy.

Its full of stumbling points and pit falls and along with those comes the tears.

However, its easy to stay on the floor and give up the only answer is, to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and continue the journey.

I am sure that at the journeys end it will all be worth it.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Up and Down Around and About

Funny title for a post really but it kind of describes the last few weeks for me perfectly. 

Since Snowdon Rocks its been a strange time, lots of changes, lots of challenges and lots of worries.

The first thing that happened was the Rossett Village Fete and I judged the dog show. I was really nervous because its a popular show but once I got into the swing of things I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I know what I could have done better so hopefully, if they have me back next year (which I hope they do) it will much improved. 

One of the ideas I have is for a cup or a rosette called the Love Hope Strength Pet of the Year. Basically, well before the show I would be giving out entry forms for people to nominate their pet for the award. All I would be asking for is their reasons as to how their pet has given them Love Hope and Strength. All entry fees taken would go to the charity itself and the winner would be chosen before the show and presented there. I would also like to put up a display board of all the entries as well.

I would also change some of the classes and definitely include one for young handler.

The same day as the show I came down with a virus. I was ill for over a week with a tummy bug, I have never been so ill with a bug in my life. I couldn't eat or even drink for days. How I did the show I don't know I think it was just through grim determination.

My youngest son started High School.

He is pictured here with his friend. We are neighbours and they were born within weeks of each other. Its nice that they have each other to go to school with.

It has been a big change for me because I now no longer have to do the school run. This gives me almost and extra hour a day!!!

Wilbur is still poorly! He developed a new infection in his side and has been treated with antibiotics but as soon as we finish a course it swells up again.

I took him to the vet on Friday and because not much fluid came out when she aspirated it she recommended leaving him for a week and monitor the swelling, it could be the natural healing process. He is happy in himself.... eating, playing, barking!!

I have had to find the money to cover the enormous vet bill we had from his previous illness. The insurance company Animal Friends wouldn't pay the bill because although I took Wilbur to the vet after the exclusion period, the vets notes said "Wilbur has been off colour for a week" they are saying that it takes us into the exclusion period. 

I wouldn't have agreed to the MRI scan had I known the insurance company wouldn't pay, I just didn't think! This is the reason you take out these policies!

I have been selling off my Steiff Bear Collection to raise funds to cover the bills and we are getting there slowly but it has been a huge weight on my shoulders.

I am so frustrated because its put us in an even tighter financial situation and I am not quite well enough to return to work. I could get a part time job in an office but that would give us child care issues and my heart is set on returning to dog grooming which is the job I love. However, I can't see me being able to cope as a mobile groomer so then I have to think about financing a salon.

I have been for genetic counselling and I have decided to get tested for the breast cancer genes. I feel that it is better to have the question answered than not. I have agreed to take part in a research programme, you never know it might help them to find out why these things happen especially as I was young and have had two breast cancers.

Whenever I go to these types of appointments I end up having a down day and Friday was the day for me. I might add that I had my Zolodex injection on the Monday so hormones may have had a part to play in it. The Zolodex injection flippin hurt, I nearly hit the roof and even the nurse was upset for me. I am going to see my GP and ask for the injection to be changed to monthly because the needle is smaller.

So.... it has been a bit of a funny few weeks as you can see.

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