Sunday, 28 November 2010

Farndon & District Junior Brass Band

My eldest son, Joseff plays in Farndon & District Junior Brass Band. A band which has only been in existance since the summer and some of the band members were completely new to playing instruments. Yesterday they played at Bellis's Country Market, it was their first "outside" concert so alot of the band members were quite nervous. The adult band was playing first then during their break, the children took over in their newly purchased uniforms.

Joe was worried that he hadn't practiced enough as he takes his music quite seriously but he needn't have worried because I was so very proud of him playing his cornet.

Santa was arriving at 6pm which is why his reindeer are there waiting for him. The next concert is an evening one to a closed audience to which we need to purchase tickets. I don't mind because the band really does need the support for equipment etc. Joseff has his own cornet because he had lessons in primary school. Sadly his brass tutor was uninspiring and Joe decided not to continue with lessons in high school.

However, he has straight A's and A+ in music and his music teacher wants to push him to the max, PROUD is not the word!

Janet, pictured here is the wonderful junior band leader who teaches the children. She has a gentle and kind approach which really makes the kids enthusiastic to learn and develop. Janet gave birth to her second son just last week so is on maternity leave at the moment but her dedication to the children meant that she still came to conduct at the event (even though she was visibly shattered).

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nimble Runner Needs Your Support in His Fight Against Cancer If you follow this link, you will find a guy who calls himself Nimble Runner on Twitter. He is running a marathon to raise money in the fight against cancer. He needs to get about 58 new twitter followers in order to qualify for the run. He is also pledging to wear a ribbon dedicated to a loved one who had fallen to cancer.

Please give Nimble Runner your support.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Moved to Tears, Message of Hope

As with every morning, one of my rituals is to log onto facebook and twitter to catch up with what is happening with the world and my friends. I also like to set up my Weight Watchers page ready for the day ahead.

This morning, I logged onto facebook to find a personal message and gosh, it moved me to tears so I really want to share it with you

As you know you are a real inspiration to me and everyone who knows you. You have been up against some of the hardest challenges life could throw at you, yet you still embrace life and battle the challenges with the fight to win each time. You also pass this strength on to lots of people who know you and even knows who know of you and I feel honoured to have you in my life.

My mum is in teneriffe this week and has gone with a friend she works with. During the holiday, she informs my mum that she has breast cancer, stage 2 and will be having an op shortly. She was very very low and was talking about this now being the end of her life etc etc. My mum then talked to her about you and told her she was so wrong and explained all your journey and how she would have to take what she had said back and fight it!!! Sara, you would not believe the change in her. She went was petrified to yes I can fight this all by listening to your story!!!

Keep sharing your stories Sara as they are helping change lives without you even knowing.

Your wonderful

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Things I Don't Miss....

It has been 6 weeks since I had my last dose of herceptin and one thing I have noticed is that my aches are getting better. That fact got me thinking to my other pesky side effects of cancer treatment and I realised that I no longer suffer from chemo chills, my hand grip is coming back and I am feeling fitter than ever.

I am due to run my first 10K in a couple of weeks time and so far I have raised £455 for The Love Hope Strength Cancer Foundation! I am nervous and excited because once I cross that finish line, I know for a fact that I have beaten cancer.

The other side effects aren't pleasant such as the hot flushes but I read an article which said that if you had these when taking tamoxifen the cancer is less likely to return - bring em on then, thats what I say!

I am starting to think about returning to work as a mobile dog groomer. However, if and when I do return, big changes will have to be made......

I need a smaller and lighter grooming table and a smaller grooming box in which I carry only what I need for the appointment. I will also keep my appointments to one particular day, I thought of a Tuesday because Joe does a ju-jitsu class on that day and I can book Harry into after school club and take my last booking at 3pm.

When I was last running as Clippers and Claws I was a bit of a softy, taking on clients and exhausting myself in the process. This time around I must be tougher, more assertive. Stick to the designated day and time I have decided upon and NO night work!

I will let you know how I get on!

Monday, 22 November 2010

I am Back!

I havent been around much lately because life is so hectic. Now that I am back in the driving seat I am busy with caring for my special needs son and fighting his corner. I finished herceptin about a month ago and I am still waiting for the side effects to leave me. I desperately want my swollen fingers to go down so that I can wear my wedding rings again. However, its nice that I am wearing rings which are very dear to me, my Nains (grandmothers) and my great auntie Lizzies engagement ring.

I have been busy going to concerts, running and generally enjoying my life. I am still fighting with my weight but Tamoxifen isnt the best drug to lose weight on!

My running is going well.... only a few more weeks until my race! If you are able to sponsor me please visit my Just Giving page