Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wilful Wilbur the Warrier Dog

We collected Wilbur from Nantwich hospital on Thursday night, to say I was over the moon was an understatement.

Still very weak and in pain, he was walking and holding his own. He had some drains inserted into his side which looked dreadful!

He was so glad to be home but wouldn't sit down until I sat next to him and he put his head on my lap, its as though he needed my reassurance.

Getting his medication down him has been a struggle as the little monster manages to spit them out somehow. If he doesn't start behaving I will be shaving off his Schnauzer beard to make medicating a little easier!

Thursday night I slept downstairs with him and Pickles just to make sure he was ok.

Friday saw more improvements in his mobility and general state of mind.

Today he went to have his drain removed. It was a quick and painless procedure, the stitches were snipped and the tube just pulled away.

I have to keep the holes open so that the fluid can continue to drain away. He will have his stitches out in about a week or so's time.

The vet told me that the consultant was "excited" about Wilburs case as it was highly unusual.

The biopsy results came in today and it was as Mr Mayo expected, it is an infection, not cancer and not a genetic condition for which he would have needed steroids. So we can work with this. He will probably be on antibiotics for 6 weeks now.

He is smelly and horrid at the moment so I cant wait for the time when he is well enough to have a bath. At the moment, the priority is in getting him well again.

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  1. Poor Wilbur!! I missed all this while on vacation. Glad that he is okay...that it was "only" (ha, only!) an infection and that he is recovering.


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