Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Into the Countdown - Wilbur

I received a phone call on Monday offering me an appointment for an MRI scan on Wilbur on Tuesday - the next day. This was such a great weight off my shoulders because I had been told it would be Wednesday and I have an appointment myself first thing for the results of my biopsy.

I discussed Wilbur at length with the vet and scheduled the appointment in Nantwich for 10.10am.

Very nervous not just about the MRI but driving to an unknown place and on my own.

8.50 came and my lovely friend J arrived, telling me she was going to drive me there. My ace neighbour F took Harry to school for me and the star C turned Cola out - such a network of brilliant friends supporting me when I most needed it.

We got to Nantwich in good time despite the fog in Rossett although our first port of call was to an Ostepaths clinic. After considering the place for a few minutes we realised that we were definately in the wrong place only to find the vetinary hospital staring us in the face over the road.

When we met Mr Mayo he was lovely. He was very direct and very open about the matter. Upon examining Wilbur and looking at his Xrays and notes he was 99% certain that he would be dealing with a prolapsed disc. He explained the procedure in such a great way I really could visualise the operation they would carry out.

Mr Mayo gave Wilbur a sedative which contained morphene. The morphene made him a little sick but once the meds worked he relaxed for the first time in weeks.

Mr Mayo took him away and promised to telephone me when the op was over.

So you can imagine my surprise when he phoned me (while I was in Pets at Home) to say that Wilbur had had the MRI scan and it was not a prolapsed disc. He had an area of internal inflammation which was pressing on his spinal cord. He needed to take a biopsy to find out what this was.

Worst case scenario - cancer. If that is the diagnosis then there will be no treatment for my little boy.

However, Mr Mayo was certain that this wasn't cancer, that it was a genetic auto immune disease which caused inflammation. He had seen one other dog with this condition and although he didnt appear to respond to treatment initially, suddenly, he was better and has never looked back.

So now, Wilbur is staying in the hospital overnight so that they can monitor him. Hopefully I will collect him tomorrow and bring him home with some stronger pain killers.

The results of the biopsy come through on Friday and then his steroid treatment can begin.

I must admit that my first reaction to this news was "why me?" Not only am I facing test result myself I now have to wait for them for Wilbur.

I really thought that after today, Wilburs pain would be over and he could start his healing process.

I just have no luck with dogs at all.......

This is Bobbi, she was my rescue dog and my "wish come true" my little soul mate. She died of cancer aged just 5.

Morgan was aged 4 and had to be put to sleep because of a neurological condition.

Poppy although not my dog, she was like my god-daughter dog died age almost 5 in my arms having been run over by a tractor.

Sometimes I really dont know if I can handle any more pain of loss.

Why me though?

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  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that it is just a slipped disc Sara -will be thinking of you tomorrow and Friday-sending good vibes your way xxx


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