Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Second Lumpectomy

My operation was scheduled for Thursday 16th February. Although my operation wasn't until the afternoon I had to be in the arrivals lounge (sounds just like a flight) for 8.30am because I had to have a couple of procedures prior to the operation taking place.

They have changed admissions somewhat since my last operation and rather than sit in rows all tense and naggy we were sitting in comfy chairs positioned in circles.

Many of the patients there weren't able to say for sure that they would be having their ops that day because of the bed situation but mine had been secured for me.

I was booked in and tagged so there was no getting away for me from then on then I was taken to the Shooting Star Unit to have the wire inserted into my breast using an ultra sound scanner.

It wasn't a pleasant experience although they did numb my breast considerably. The pushing and prodding is quite an alien feeling and so I focused on switching off and took my mind to another plain which helped. They wound the remaining wire around and fitted it to my breast.

Then for a mammogram - thank goodness my boob was numb.

Following that I was taken to nuclear medicine for my isotope radioative dye injection right into my nipple. Sadly, that area was not numb. However it wasnt any worse than a piercing and was over alot quicker. The staff in that department know me oh so well now what with a CT scan a few weeks ago, a dye CT scan Monday, MRI scan Weds and now this.

I was told that I was first on the operation list (thank goodness) and at 1pm I was taken away to get prepared for the operation. This meant a gown, getting my tragus piercing and wedding ring taped and yes....... those gorgeous designer sox which stop embolisms. How sexy...... NOT!

Down in theatre the staff were lovely although alarmingly rather young! Bless the anaethetist he let his trainee canulate me despite my small and damaged veins, he remarked that I had "lady like veins" although at that point lieing on a trolly, shoulders exposed and a wire hanging out of my boob I didnt feel particularly lady like!

He asked me to think of a lovely holiday destination which I did but then I promptly gasped...... "oh no the kids are here and they are arguing....."

The next thing I knew, I was coming around asking for a cup of tea!

to be continued................................


  1. Am a waiting the next instalment!!! :-)

  2. Yikes, that all sounded painful, but you made it :) When should you hear back about treatment? See didn't put an "s" on purpose, no multiple treatment, just one quick one to kick it. You're always in my thoughts sweetie xx

  3. Glad that bit is behind you now Sara - I agree with Cebulas -you will soon be on the mend and back to normal-this is just a blip x

  4. the idea of a needle in the nipple made me shudder. Just spent 4 nights on an uncomfortable sofa, sleeping beside Camillo (age 85) after his prostate section and removal of HUGE stones from the bladder. (another shudder) The check-in was somewhat painless, staff helpful if not fully attentive and two weeks out he is moving and shak'n more than he should. When all done, come to Brasil, I have a little house on the side of a hill - waiting for you.

  5. Sara, your spirit and your humour come through this so clearly...I had to laugh at your visualization of the lovely holiday and you told them the kids were funny...and yet, so true. It makes you who YOU are!! xoxo And of course you have lady like veins...and it sounds like the staff made you as comfortable as possible throughout. I love the change to comfy chairs in a circle...makes it feel more cozy and less "execution style"!

    I love the way you have written this ... and anyone who might need to go through this would be able to say "well, if it's like that and Sara could do it, so could I" -- and I agree...the needle in the nipple is not that bad. I suppose it depends on pain threshold but it's also what is in the mind. True it's a sensitive area but it takes but a second and your description of it feeling like a piercing...exactly how I found mine to be.

    Bless you and blessed healing!!!! love you!


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