Monday, 20 August 2012

Snowdon Rocks 2012

The aim of this world wide cancer charity is to provide cancer resources in every country. It also has a huge bone marrow donor drive and Mike is campaigning to reduce the donor age of people in the UK. At the moment you have to be 40 or under whereas in USA its 60. If you follow this LINK you can read a bit more about what the charity is about. 

Fighting cancer one concert at a time.

So thats what we did yesterday, me and Jason.... we joined Love Hope Strength to climb to the summit of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales to raise lots of money for this great charity.

We set off in the morning starting with a few words from Mike Peters and some tunes.

It started to rain and soon it was belting it down. By the time we got to the Halfway House we were completely drenched. A sandwich and a drink soon helped lift my mood and then I was amazed as Mike and Chris Summerill and Matt all did a song each.

I had to laugh at Mike and Jules young son, mimicking his dad behind him and when he was asked was he going to be a rock star when he grew up he said very firmly "a footballer".

I found that first trek very difficult mainly because I was over heating and yet having to wear waterproofs to keep me dry. Many times I saw that train on its merry way to the top and I wished I was on there!

It was lovely to see mini versions of Cola on the way up. This little chap was quite happy sleeping whilst being over looked and watched by the rest of his pack.

I especially liked meeting up with friends, Sue O, Shirley G, Joff N, Nigel and Sue A and their daughter, Chris S and his wife and lovely dogs not to mention Dave S! The man with the flag!

People were so friendly going up, it was inspiring to see young and old all going up with one aim in mind - to climb that summit and raise money for this cancer charity.

When we got to the top we were treated to more songs and then a well deserved hot chocolate and a warm before we went out into the elements again.

Mike Peters pictured here singing in the rain and yes he DID climb that flippin mountain with a knee injury!

Do you need inspiration? Do you need a heroe or mentor? Look no further than this man here!!!

Singing at the top - walkers who didn't know what we were about did look rather puzzled. Note to self.... next year - yep you heard me correctly - next year I am going to take some leaflets with me about the charity and when I get talking to people - which we did yesterday I will pass them on to spread the word. Its not just about the money its about raising awareness and getting people to register for bone marrow donorship.

The way down was alot easier and quicker plus the sun came out and by the time we got to the bottom our clothes were bone dry. Apart from my feet which were soggy and I feared a case of trench foot when I took my boots and socks off!

It was nice to be greeted by our mini Cola at the end.

Many people took their dogs up to the summit and thats a great idea, lovely day out for them but one woman (from a different party to LHS) took her 8 month old golden retriever up there and he was refusing to walk down, she had to go and get some food for him to encourage him.

NOTE: Dogs under the age of 1 years old should not be subjected to strenuous exercise which includes running with you, mountain walks or anything lasting a considerable amount of time. The reason for this is simple.... they are still growing and their bones are forming. Any exertion can cause skeletol problems later on in life. Always consult your vet before taking your dog on a walk such as this.

I didn't take my dogs for these reasons:-

Pickles - she is just over 8 years old and has always been stiff she isn't suited to such walks
Wilbur - is recovering from the back infection he had and is not fit enough as yet
Snowy - is only 9 months old and too young to tackle it

It was a great day and an achievement for me with the fun I have had this year so far !!!!

Money raised from this walk will be going to the North Wales Cancer Unit to improve the lives of cancer patients in this part of my country.

And on that note, I leave you with Chris Summerill - his next CD is out soon so he tells me!!!! Can't wait!!


  1. Good cause, great hike... and good for YOU. The sun came out because you were all walking for a special reason.
    Love that horse.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I was so grateful for the sun at the end, I couldnt believe I got dry! The ned was so sweet, a miniature version of my own pony x

  2. A lovely write up and good reading.

    One day, I'll ascend Snowdon, for the umpteenth time. But too many other peaks to summit first.

    Peak Rambler

    1. Thanks for your kind words. You really must climb Snowdon one day although I would recommend doing some of the peaks rather than the summit walk. The peaks are amazingly beautiful and quite challenging.


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