Friday, 2 November 2012

Red Poppy Tour - Mike Peters

Central Station in Wrexham is a brilliant venue for any band. Its big enough but small enough to be intimate. 

Quite a few well known artists have played there including Big Country, Black Stone Cherry to name but a few.

Last night Mike Peters played at Central Station as part of his Red Poppy Tour and despite the fact I was only 9 days post surgery I honestly could not miss this event. I knew the venue, I knew the layout and I knew that if I got there early enough I could get a seat which would protect my tummy and rest it too.

The fact that I had promised to take my son Joe who had just turned 14 to his first Mike Peters gig was something I didn't want to miss.

Picture by Sue Owen via FB

The evening was made even more memorable by meeting other members of the Alarm family. 

Picture by Sue Owens via FB

Joe was a little shell shocked and shy but he thoroughly enjoyed his first Mike Peters gig. A couple of months ago his dad took him to see The Wombats in Delemere Forest and he was quite worried that there would be fans throwing cans and bottles...... No fear of that at a Mike Peters gig, the fans are too in awe of this incredible musician and appreciate his music to detract from the atmosphere with such antics.

The set list was awesome A New Chapter, Without a Fight, Breathe, Majority, Unsafe Building, Deeside, Spirit of 76, Without a Fight, One Guitar, Blaze of Glory, Moments in Time, Love Hope and Strength, Hallowed Ground, Second Generation ..............a m a z i n g

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  1. I'd have been more surprised had you said you had stayed home and "missed" the gig! I'm glad that you went and that you took Joe with you! Medicine for our soul is as good as medicine for our bodies! xo


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