Thursday, 25 October 2012


I wanted an Oophorectomy. This is an operation to remove my ovaries.

Having had a second breast cancer the oncologist decided to put me on Zolodex injections for 5 years. This injection stops the ovaries from working and put me into a false menopause.

I tried the 3 monthly injection but being a small person it hurt and I began to get panic attacks. I opted for the monthly injection and the thought of having that every month for the next five years really upset me. I felt as though I was still having cancer treatment which, in effect, I was! I felt as though my life was on hold, yet again and I couldn't move on. Bearing this in mind I pushed for the Oophorectomy.

I must say that the doctors and consultants were very obstructive. They seemed to stress the severity of such surgery, they were quick to point out the pit falls and even on the actual day of my surgery the consultant interrogated me, I felt as though I was on trial!!!!

I think they didn't want to make the decision easy for me because given my age, it is huge thing to decide and its permanent - no going back.

Hey, I have two gorgeous boys and I am the wrong side of 40 to be considering more babies indeed, another pregnancy could trigger off a third cancer and I am not going to risk that for anything.

Another thing I couldn't face the thought of was having the injections for 5 years, being in a menopausal state for 5 years then starting again..... the possibility of another cancer with that start then going through the menopause naturally - far too much for me to deal with given the 2 years of treatment for my first cancer.

I had the procedure on Tuesday 23rd October.

I went into surgery at 11.30 and was coming out of it at about 1pm.

I had a nebulizer before going in for the op because of my asthma and this opened my airways.

Before they put you under they check all of your details and ask you what op you are going in for - I suppose mistakes have been made in the past!

When I was taken to Bonny Ward in Wrexham Hospital I was surprised at the pain level of the op site.

Having had two big operations for breast cancer and been in alot of pain with them, I thought that with this being invasive surgery in my tummy and all the fuss the doctors made that I was going to be in agony. What a pleasant surprise it was to have pain similar to child birth really but not griping and grabbing like contractions. Not anywhere near as painful as the breast surgery.

I am on day 2 post op now and I am feeling fine. The pain is easing and I can move about albeit at a slower pace.

I am resting as much as I can because I am so so tired and am hoping that by the weekend I will be out and about almost as normal.

As for all of the horrible side effects the doctors were telling me about, well..... just the same as being on Zolodex! Bearable, you just have to plan things differently..... Fans, water sprays, layers of clothes etc etc etc

I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

When I recover from this surgery I will have my life back, its like a fresh start.


  1. I love your are my Welsh Warrior Princess! You knew what you needed for YOU and didn't let doctors bully you down (as if they could!! hee! They didn't know exactly who they were dealing with, did they?). This is another case of a woman's body being her own...and you, better than anyone, know what you have already been through and how it has felt. You know what you are prepared to put up with and what is going to be best for you.

    So glad that it went well and that the recovery is "easy" for you (no recovery from surgery is ever "easy" but there is an ease of comfort).

    Sending you much love!

    1. When I want something I go for it with all my heart and I did find their attitude off putting but now I am glad that I stuck to my guns and got what I wanted in the end.

      No recovery from surgery is easy you were right but I am just pleasantly surprised because I was lead to believe that it would be horrendous!

  2. good for you to know what is best for you and your bady. I had two children, both with birth defects - one major and one minor. of my 7 brothers and sisters there are 3 major birth defects. after years of birthcontrol pills that messed with my body, at 27 I wanted a tubal. I had to argue. it was many years ago but whose business but mine was it that I did not want to risk another child that was ill. I went through menapause naturally at 42. I think you made a good solid choice. hugs to you from Brasil.
    I have said anything on the internet but I lost Camillo this month. Life never stops throwing you curve balls and all we can do is try to dodge the pain as best we can.

    1. I think that you as yourself know exactly what you and your body needs, its just that you have to stick to your guns and go for it.

      I am so so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you, you are right, life never stops throwing low ballers at you but like you say you have to dodge them as best you can and deal with it.

      Love Hope and Stength to you xx

  3. Sara you have to do what you feel is best for yourself. We shouldn't be made to feel guilty because one treatment is preferred over the other,Dr.'s need to remember this is OUR LIFE and OUR DECISIONS if we are wrong that's on us. I stopped taking all drugs a little more than a year ago. Arimidex was literally killing me I could barely move. Then to be told taking Tamoxifen is how I developed endometrial cancer?? I mean we need to take back our lives, and just live....Good Luck Sara

    Love Alli XX

    1. Thank you Alli, I think doctors are so preoccupied with their own agenda that they forget that this is OUR life and OUR body xxx

  4. I can fully understand why you avoided the Zoladex. I too said 'no way' when my doctor wanted me to continue post chemotherapy. That giant needle gave me bad dreams . . . it was bad news, and worse that each nurse administrating always said; "that's a huge needle" right before reading the instructions on how to inject it.

    Sorry - too much information. I just wanted to say I understand your choice, and hope you are feeling well.


    1. I tried the 3 monthly zolodex injection and the last time I had it I had a panic attack plus the injection didnt trigger properly and the nurse was almost in tears for me. Yes too much information but information gives you the strength and conviction to make decisions for yourself and not be led by the doctors who dont have to go thru this.


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