Thursday, 8 November 2012

Change - New Chapter - New Beginings

When you have had chemo, for years later you can suffer with "Chemo Brain" or "Chemo Fog".

I have suffered with it and only as I approach my 4th year of my first breast cancer diagnosis I can feel it starting to lift.

Its like a lock of hair which has been curled, slowly, slowly being pulled down until it is straightened out again.

At last I feel as though I am starting to function again. 

The fog is lifting and I can see the sun peeking through at last.

I suppose it "came" to me this week while I have been alone that I need now to focus on my future.... to come up with some new plans and find a way of achieving them. 

Its an exciting time but its also unnerving.... can I do it? will I fail? 

But I have to make that jump..... I didn't particularly like the chapter in the book of my life but its safe, its well read and the pages are familiar.... closing that chapter and starting on a new one is going to be a challenge.

To end this post lets listen to Mike Peters perform his song "New Chapter" performed at Wrexham in front of me on 1st November 2012 

Pictures curtesy of Google Search 

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  1. That a girl! There will be moments of doubt and lapses of confidence but you do move on. "What doesn't kill you makes you...: It's true and looking forward is the only way to put this behind you.
    The memories will always be there and sometimes the "brain fog" but you can give yourself all the credit and move on.
    I'm so proud of you.


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