Monday, 29 October 2012

Today is a Gift...

Kung Fu Panda

Ah.... what a film!!

These films are a bit like Enid Blyton stories where there is a moral within them.

I love this scene because the quote: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift" is such a brilliant saying to live by. A interpretation of what Jesus tells us to do, to think of today not tomorrow.

I think thats what we forget to do really. We tend to live in the past and worry about the future and whats the point? We can't change the past, its happened, its done with, we must accept and learn from it. We can't predict the future its so "unknown" but what we can do is live for today.

Today we have been blessed with all that we have and today is a day for making memories, good memories and happy times.

Don't worry about the future because we don't have ultimate control over it, what will be will be.

Ah... a memory comes to me.......

I was a little girl and I used to walk home from school across a small road, on the way, old Mr Jones would be standing at his wooden gate. He couldn't walk far because he was very old and had poorly feet. I think he may have been a litte senile too because he would always ask me my name. When I told him my name was .....


He would serendade me with this song..........

and give me a ..................

I often wonder what happened to Mr Jones.


  1. I love you little story of being serenaded by Mr Jones. That's lovely.:) And yes, the past can be a comfort in hard times, and an anchor in the good ones. I think it's okay look back, but let go of regret (even though it can be difficult to do!) and always keep moving forward. ~Catherine

  2. What a sweet, beautiful memory!! And yes, today IS a gift!!! xo


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