Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics 2012

I wasn't really looking forward to the Olympics because of the economic climate and the governments constant cut backs but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I honestly didn't mind missing out on my favourite TV programmes!

I was also worried about security.....  

Private security???? oh p-lease!!!!

In a way it was a good thing that the private security firm messed up and the police and army stepped in at the eleventh hour because it shows the government that you really cannot use private firms for security and you cannot compromise security with all of these cut backs.

Both the Army and the Police force have done a fantastic job. The police have been working double shifts, 86 hour weeks and have had leave cancelled. Forces across the country have been on stand by "just in case". These people are dedicated individuals working selflessly to uphold the law and to keep us all safe.

There have been so many highs during these last two weeks!

I thought the Olympic hoops lighting up and taking up into the sky was totally amazing

Mr Bean part of the Orchestra playing Chariots of Fire had me in constant stitches laughing!

I thought the portrayal of the wonderful NHS (National Health Service) which we are so lucky to have in Britain was an important part of the ceremony at a time when the government is making cut back after cut back and striving (it would seem) to work towards privatising health.

And the spoof James Bond with Her Majesty the Queen shocked me! Seriously.... my jaw was hitting the floor! I couldn't believe that she actually DID that and I think she is amazing for doing so.

They did such a sterling job of the opening ceremony. It was historical, it was magical, it was different, it was innovative it was very British.

I have been amazed at the athletes and how wonderfully they have performed, they have been truly inspiring.

For me, the best parts were the Equestrian events. Sadly I missed allot of them due to life going on but I did manage to watch the individual dressage last Thursday and I am telling you that when Charlotte Dujardin scored 90% in her test and took the gold I was crying and jumping around the room like a mad thing! 

Gosh, waiting for her scores I felt sick I could barely breathe!

So today the Olympics 2012 ends and I must say although I am sad that its over, I am looking forward to the closing ceremony tonight.

Well done to everyone who made this event happen.....

The background guys, the police, army, athletes, grooms, reporters, cleaners - everyone, everyone played a part in making this a memorable event.

**Pictures courtesy of Google Chrome **


  1. I'm not huge on the Olympics...certain events interest me, I love the highs and the lows -- and feel for the athletes when they have given the performance of their lives..whether their dreams were realized or crushed and sometimes my heart feels more for those who made a misstep or were disqualified or had a mishap.

    That said, I have to congratulate GB on the whole has been one of the very best from start to finish and I can only imagine what the finish will be like...if the start is anything to go will be spectacular!

    GB has much to be proud of!

    1. I loved it and watched it all. It took over my life for a couple of weeks. What will I do now?
      London and Great Britain should be proud.


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