Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Big Pants

I lasted 2 weeks to the date of my Oophorectomy operation to face up to the fact that with this operation I NEEDED big pants!!!

Yes I purchased a Sainsburys pack of 5 BIG PANTS and I wished I had dont it sooner. Not only does the cotton of the BIG PANTS protect my scars, they are so comfortable.

Oh but don't be misled by my statement there.... I will not be using my BIG PANTS beyond when the scars heal thank you very much because no amount of lace or patterning can make them attractive or me to feel that way when wearing them.

My advice to any lady going in for that sort of operation - invest in a collection of BIG PANTS to see you through your healing process.


  1. Oh my goodness - this suddenly makes sense! I was thinking: 'Big Pants? Is that a brand, so some really comfortable jogging wear?' But finally clicked into the Sainsburys reference. PANTS not pants (not trousers). Sounds like a good idea, I'm glad you found some clothing that works well.

    ~Catherine (from Canada)

  2. You've taken the expression "pull up your big girl panties" to a whole new level!! ;) hee!


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