Saturday, 1 August 2015


As regular readers of my blog will know, 2015 began with bad news and got worse.

At the moment, I am resting my mind trying to let it catch up with what has happened to me.

I discovered Outlander during that dreadful time of operations, infections and pain. Through the series I was able to escape from my troubles and pain and enter a world of magical escapism, romance and love.

The drama is set in Scotland, a land with which I have a great affinity. Indeed we are all Celt and have all been subjugated by the English in our past. Gaelic is verra similar to Welsh. Try as they might, even in my life time, they tried to wipe the language out but it survives such is the tenacity of our breed.

The costumes,  setting and casting of the drama is simply a work of art. Truly amazing.
Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are the best Jamie and Claire.

The drama inspired me to read the books written by the most talented Diana Gabaldon which are simply wonderful. Through the books I am able to enter the world of Jamie and Claire and escape my life for a while.

Outlander was written at a time of my life which was a struggle. I had lost my big brother in a car crash, my fiance at the time was treating me dreadfully and I had disordered eating.... I do believe that things come into your life when they are meant to and I think that's true of Outlander for me.

I have met a community of like minded people via social media and I was quite relieved to find out that I was not the only person affected by Outlander syndrome.

So here I am watching Outlander again and relishing each line in the books.

Thank you Diana Gabaldon for giving me Jamie and Claire and in doing so giving me sanctuary while I heal.

Thanks also to Team Outlander - you are all talented and wonderful people for giving me this gem with which to hide.

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