Friday, 21 August 2015

Growing Up

I honestly can't believe where the years have gone.

I seem to have blinked and a whole decade has whizzed by.

Only yesterday my boys were small and they needed me. I was busy fighting for help for my youngest, life was full of medical appointments and reviews then fast forward to now....

My eldest has left school and is about to start college and my youngest is taller than me!

GCSE results yesterday and I am so proud of my eldest. Despite his struggles in life he passed all of his exams. I'm not going to discuss grades, I never was or never will be competitive and certainly will not use my boys to be that way. Suffice to say he passed with flying colours despite the fact that I was having surgeries when he sat his exams and was very ill.

I am just feeling a bit wind swept as I try to grasp the fact that they are charging fast towards manhood.

If a mother is reading this you will either totally get what I am saying or you won't have reached that point yet. If you haven't reached that point then please listen to me when I tell you to treasure each moment, even the bad ones.

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