Monday, 16 March 2015

Week 4 Post Surgery

I had my check up at the hospital today and the good news is that my wounds are healing nicely. 

There is a build up of fluid on one side but not enough to aspirate. They have to weigh up the pros and cons of draining the fuid vs getting an infection via a needle hole.

I felt very sick and tense before my appointment. I thought that I was coming down with something but once it was over and done with I felt much better. So nerves it was then.

I am still sore and moving is difficult but I am pushing myself more now in the hope that by next week I will at least be able to drive and perhaps starting to care for my boy again.

There have been times during this surgery that I have wondered why on earth I ever bothered with having a reconstruction and although they feel totally weird I am sure that with time and as the swelling reduces I will get used to it and consider the pain worth it.

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