Friday, 27 March 2015

Monica's Gift



I have always had a great fondness for red lips......The brighter the better!

When I first started my battles one of the ways I would actually "arm" myself for the fight was to put on my red lipstick and get out there with a huge smile on my face.

With each round I have waged battle in this way.

This time has been different in so many ways.

I don't seem to have had the emotional strength this time. Maybe it's because its that three times is too much, or maybe it was the trauma of my dog grooming and council fiasco when I was going through diagnosis. I don't know why but I haven't had the strength to put on my makeup and prepare myself for the fight...... (is that a quote?).

My friends and the Alarm family are special to me and have kept me afloat throughout my darkest times. Sometimes my friends don't realise just how much they have helped with their letters, cards, gifts and messages.

I have had so many wonderful and significant gifts which I treasure and look at every day.

Monica is a lovely friend from the other side of the world and yet she went to the time and effort to send me a beautiful gift.

It wasn't an ordinary gift, it was something in particular that she wanted me to have.

Honestly, this friend could have known me all of my life because when I opened it I was amazed to see the most beautiful RED LIPSTICK I have ever seen in my life.

It wasn't just the beauty and relevance of the gift, it was the day it arrived, the timing could not have been better and the underlying message it gave to me was enormous!

It gave me the message LOUD AND CLEAR to put my red lipstick back on, arm myself fully and lets get this healing over and done with. 

This gift has given me the proverbial leg up back into the saddle and rather than swish about half heartedly on the ground, which is what I feel I have been doing this time, I am back in the saddle, armed to the hilt and facing the enermy with my former ferocity.

Thank you Monica!!! It wasn't just a lipstick you gave me!!!


  1. It would have been worth it to get it for you even if you just liked it. I am blessed to tears that it has helped to you get your fight on! xxxx

    1. When I opened it I was first struck by its beauty and the fact that it wasn't any red lipstick. Then the events of the day came together and i was struck by its message and significance.

      It doesn't mean that anybody elses gift to me was less or more its just that this one carried a very loud and powerful message.

      Also the fact we have never met and you dont know about my other fights and yet you did this for me.

      Even when tthat lipstick is finished I will treasure its container always xx


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