Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Week 3 Post Mastectomy/Reconstruction Surgery

I took myself to see the Breast Care nurses in hospital on Monday because I was in a terrible state. I felt really low both physically and mentally and was in so much pain I could barely walk.

Bless my husband he took me to the unit via  a wheelchair, I honestly don't think I could have managed on foot and that's truly not like me at all.

The doctor who checked out my surgery site said straight away that there was an infection present. Having looked further decided that the fluid build up would need to be checked and drained. My wounds were all OK.

I waited for nearly an hour wearing a hospital gown and on my own because "men" weren't allowed in this area. I was called into the ultrasound room and was told that they would drain the fluid. They wouldn't use a local anaesthetic they would see how they got on.

It hurt as they rummaged with the needle although they did try to be gentle. The fluid literally filled the syringe within moments much to their surprise so they fumbled for a second syringe, that did the same then the third...... Thank goodness that was over. 

The blood spillage on my arm smelt like copper - I don't like that smell.

I was offered a cup of tea but I just wanted to get out of there and back to my husband.

The relief from the drainage was instant, at last I could put my arm down!

Antibiotics were collected from the chemist along with more painkillers. What a shock to be charged £8 for the antibiotics because the prescription was written in England! I am a welsh patient, I live in Wales, I have never lived in England and I pay Welsh taxes - totally unacceptable and unfair just because Wales cannot provide the surgery I need.

Rant over!

The antibiotics have worked and I am feeling much better but the fluid has built up again and I am worrying about my appointment on Friday and having drainage again.

You see... I have been fighting cancer since 2009 and I have had more procedures done than I have had hot dinners my entire life. I am sick and tired of being poked and prodded of having cannula's inserted and needles pushed in here and there. 

So there you are that's as far as I am with this stupid disease!

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