Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day 2015

In line with one of my posts.... today I am thanking my body for giving me two beautiful, gorgeous and loving sons. 

 Joe and Jason with my Guardian Angel Cola

 Rhuddlan Castle before Rhuddlan Rocks 

 From birth my boys always had great fun in the river

 It's hard to ever think that they looked so young

 Harry and his sense of humour

 My favourite photo of Harry and I when he was just a couple of days old

 Joe never ceases to amaze me with his musical talent, a natural! I am so proud of him

 When the boys get along, they get along


 We spent a great deal of time at Erddig Hall and Chirk Castle. We have lots of magical memories of those times.

 Harry has always had a special way with animals

 Watching movies has always been a family thing

 So smart ready for Uncle Nicholas and Aunty Catherines wedding

 Harry always loved to dress up

I love this photo of Joe and I even though he looks kind of shocked

 We had some lovely holidays with our God daughter

 So many happy Christmas's together. Little did we know that when Harry had this pilots jump suit that in future years he would become an Air Cadet

 Whenever Harry dressed up he took the part to heart

 We loved the Llyn Peninsula and Harry in particular liked to be buried in the sand

 We have eaten lots of ice cream over the years in different places 

 We have brought the boys up to have great respect for our war heroes

 Chirk Castle - I loved Joe in those long shorts

 Erddig Hall, Joe had such a lovely smile

 Oswestry Show - Harry would never sit still 


 Me and Joe

 Harry wasnt impressed with Father C

 India day, Harry never quite forgave me for this

 Harry loved horse riding

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