Thursday, 26 March 2015

Always the Trend Setter

I have just got back from my post operative consultation with the surgeon.

I explained to her how I felt so much better since the removal of the left impant and that the right implant felt "more normal" and as I would have expected both to have felt at this stage in recovery.

At this her reply to me was "well...... it's interesting that you should say that....."

When she removed the offending impant, it was intact and unaffected but the tissue surrounding it was basically rotten. The pressure was such that it was pressing onto the right impant which was protecting itself with the formation of a blister.

She said that she had never seen anything like it before! Trust me to be different!

She removed the dead tissue, infection and implant and thoroughly cleaned all through. 

So now its a case of let's see what happens.

Fingers crossed.... please pray that the infection clears and doesn't spread to the other side so that six months down the line I will be looking at just one reconstruction operation instead of going through all of this again.

I don't regret what I have done because I have protected myself against breast cancer. I have tried the first option and so far (hopefully) part of it has failed but it was dealt with quickly and so once the healing process is over I am in a better place for taking the next step.

I think I am just an unlucky kinda gal or one who forever has to be different!


  1. Praying fervently that all goes well from here on out! xxxx

    1. I feel confident that I am going to be good


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