Saturday, 14 March 2015


I have never appreciated the true value of boobs before. I have taken them for granted and to be honest with you, I give you this piece of advice.......

"be careful what you wish for"

Sporting a 32F / 32G cup I have wished for smaller boobs and now having had 3 surgeries on them I don't have them anymore.

Well.... I do have them but they are not like my own! They have been put there but I have yet to mentally adopt them.

32C - wish I looked like her as well!

More than a handful is a waste so they say.

Alot of breast tissue was removed and I think I have explained in earlier posts what they did. I am hoping that as a result of this my chronic back pain will be gone.

Its been an assett carrying my extra weight for the last 6 years. Its as though my body kind of "knew" what was coming and the size issue has helped me to keep a decent rack of boobs.

Now however, I need to diet. I need to lose this excess weight I have been carrying around all this time so that I can show off these babies and accept them as my own.

I don't know how I am going to to this or when.

Now is not the time. I am still on antibiotics and although I have intense itching today I still have fluid build up and pain.

I am just looking forward to getting my life back on track and being able to do simple things.

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