Thursday, 12 March 2015


Our bodies are wonderful and amazing things and we honestly do not give them the credit they deserve.

My body is the house of my soul, my spirit. 

I have spent my entire life criticising my body......

"I am not thin enough"

"my tummy is too fat"

"My skin is too white"

"I don't like my freckles"

"My celulite is ugly"

"My hair is straight I want it curly"

"my hair is too short I want it long"

"my hair is too long I want it short"

"my teeth are not white enough or straight enough"

"my boobs are too big"

"my boobs are not as pretty as they were"

etc  etc etc etc etc blah blah blah

We are indocrinated from birth by the media that to be wanted, accepted, loved and to be successful we have to look a certain way all of the time!

Most of the images we are force fed are photo shopped and the model in question takes one footstep out of the shoot area and yep her hair has flopped and her high heels are off because they hurt.

Whats wrong with being curvey? That soft pillow of flesh which our children love to cuddle and feel comforted by. The curves which can keep us alive. Whats wrong with them? Why do we have to be perfect?

Flawless skin? Who on this earth has unblemished skin?

Aargh enough!!!!!

Just look at what my fantastic body has produced......

In my early 20's I harmed my body with an eating dishorder. I battled this disorder up until my early 40's but the damage I did through not eating has dictated my lifes path forever.

As soon as I started to eat again, I began to over exercise..... This caused my hormones to go totally hay wire and I ended up with polycystic ovary syndrome. This meant that weight was hard to shift and having children would proved difficult.

To cut throught the crap and cut to the chase I had my beautiful boys, my body gave them to me and made it possible to feed them, nourish them and wrap them in unconditional love.

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 my body had already contained the cancer by calcifying it, making it hard and entombing it to prevent its spread.

How cool is that? Thank you body.

Over the years my body has endured 4 surgeries, 12 rounds of chemo, 18 rounds of targeted chemo (herceptin), 30 doses of radiotherapy..... I have had bone problems, lost my hair, my veins have corded and turned into wood, my hands are permanently swollen but my body has done its utmost to sort itself out.

So my body isn't perfect. I have more scars than I care to acknowledge. I am over weight, my skin is too fair, my teeth are not white enough, I still wish I had curly hair but you know what?

I don't care anymore.

I was born into this body, my soul was given this body to love and to cherish and to work with.

I can now see this that my body and my soul are seperate entities but essential for each others survival.

Today I see my body as perfect, kind, wonderful and amazing.

How do you see your body?


  1. Amen. You're a wonderful lady Sara x. Lhs. Dave

  2. What a blog posting. This really touched me...especially "my soul was given this body". Like most people, I am highly critical of my body, remembering what once was (prior to children), but you are spot on. Like you, my body gave me two wonderful children, two really special little gifts. Time to stop the, what ifs, the poor me, the I want this, and would prefer that, and celebrate what I have been given. Sending you love Sara x

  3. You should really defend and uphold your body, since that's what you'd be working on to live. That doesn't mean you couldn't seek to improve its conditions, and alleviate its pain, once those hit decisively. That's part of the upholding process, and the sooner you can get it in the right shape, the better. Thanks for sharing that, Sara! Take care always!

    Hannah Holland @ BCA


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