Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tatton Yule Yomp 12th December 2010

I was ready to take part in my first 10K race on 1st March 2009 but I had been diagnosed with breast cancer one month previously and the biopsy and subsequent operation left me unable to run and once I had recovered from that, the chemo made sure that I definately couldn't run.

I have been getting back into running and need to lose at least a stone in weight but I work best with a challenge. This is why I have entered myself into the Tatton Hall Yule Yomp 10K on 12th December 2010. Its a good time of year for me because I prefer winter running and the circuit is on National Trust property so it will be beautiful. I don't care if I come last, the main thing for me is the taking part and flicking the proverbial V's to cancer!

I am running this race to raise money for a global cancer charity called The Love Hope Strength Foundation so if you see the Just Giving widget at the side of my blog, please consider making a donation to help spur me on.

The foundation does alot of work in the UK and I have just volunteered to help out on their bone marrow drive at local gigs. The USA part of the foundation have already had a phenomenal success.


  1. Sara, the incentive is definitely there for you to begin preparation.
    I wish you well

  2. Rock on are doing great!!!!!!!!!


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