Thursday, 5 August 2010

15 down and 3 to go!

I had my 15th lot of herceptin yesterday so only 3 more to go - yipeeeeeee!

I will miss the staff at the Shooting Star Unit in Wrexham Hospital because it has been an 18 month relationship with them and I have got to know some of the nurses so well.

I was happy to pass on some hints and tips for a lady who had just received her last dose of chemo and was going for radiotherapy. I told her to order some diprobase from the doctor and use it all of the time. To buy some breast pads and put chilled diprobase on them and slip them into the bra.

Radiotherapy works over a period of time so at first you think "great, no side effects" but by the end of 3 weeks your skin looks and feels badly burned. It soon passes though but with the help of these creams things can be so much better.


  1. Sounds like you have made it a bit of a 'home away from home' Sara.
    Congratulations on reaching the final leg.

  2. Good for you ... the end is near!


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