Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I am a Great Auntie

Me and my neice, Emma when she was a toddler 18 years ago!

My big brother Peter Geraint Kyffin died on 10th September 1990 at 6.42am. He crashed his car on the Mold Road in Wrexham on his way to work. He was driving his white RS Turbo when his tyre blew and he riquoted into a lamp post which killed him instantly. He was 25 years old. He had a daughter who had just celebrated her first birthday and recovered from a round of chicken pox.

My neice is going to be 21 years old later on in the month and on 1st August she became a mum herself.

I can't believe that my big brother is a grandad/taid! In my mind and heart he is forever 25.


  1. What a gorgeous photo and story.

    Your brother lives on in the hearts of others and with his spirit and blood!

  2. Sara, I am reminded that your brother lives in the hearts and minds of those he left behind.
    A beautiful story of treasured memories.
    A blessing!


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