Monday, 2 August 2010

Knitting and Stones

Picture courtesy of Amazon UK

Simple Knitting by Erika Knight was supplied to me by Amazon Vine but can be purchased from It is a brilliant book for those interested in knitting but are beginners like me. The layout is simple, well illustrated and there are some good projects in there. My mother in law suggested knitting as a way of working my hands to heal them and I am going to give it a go so guess what everyone is going to get for Christmas this year!

I still love painting my stones. I recently picked some slate from the welsh hillside for painting on with really good results. I still keep my prayer stones for those I think of in their struggles with illnesss. You can see Barry's stone there.....
This morning I am off to the doctors with my eldest son as he has had constant tummy ache for 2 months now. I am then taking my youngest swimming with his friend (oh the joys!)

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  1. I still love your stones too, they are wonderful! I hope everything checked out ok with your son at the doc today.


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