Sunday, 1 August 2010

Living History Day at Bersham

My mum is a real history buff, she knows everything about everything and is pretty amazing really. So its no surprise that she is on the committee for the Friends of Wrexham Museum and as such was manning their stand today along with her sister, my Auntie Heather at the living history display.

We decided to go along for a trip out and weren't too sure what to expect. There were roman tents set up where they were cooking roman type food. Harry got to have a roman coin made for him and the displays were pretty good.

The best part of the afternoon was when the roman re-enactors asked the children to come forward and dress up in costume. They were then drilled and marched! The parents didn't escape lightly though because they had to become the celts and fight the romans. My son Joe is pictured on the front row with a crooked helmet.

The re-enactors were amazing, the attention to detail in their uniform was good. One chappie even made his own chain mail through the winter. They didn't wear sandles in Britain but instead wore leather with metal studs pressed into the soles.

There was also a vintage car and machine display. I liked this car because it reminded me of our first family car although ours was maroon with a cream interior. There were no back seat belts in those days!

I liked this old fashioned bike, it took my eye. I can imagine the junior baker apprentice using the bike to deliver the orders.

The old post office van took my eye as well!
The boys enjoyed seeing Auntie Heather and their Nain and best of all, freshly made donuts!

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