Thursday, 26 January 2012

Update on Wilbur

Took Wilbur for his vet check yesterday. The vet suggested two options....

1. X-Ray which may or may not detect anything, he would then refer Wilbs to a specialist.

2. Give more time.

Wilbur is insured so cost is not a consideration but I asked my vet what he would do if Wilbur was his dog and he said "give more time but dont do what I do lol"

I decided to give Wilbur more time and googled ligament injuries in dogs. These injuries and subsequent rest can take months and months to heal so I am happy to continue treatment as it is.

Wilbur is making progress, he is no longer anxious, he seems to have accepted his limitations and doesnt attempt to jump on the sofa unless we are sitting there and can lift him on and off.

He still gets mega excited when I get the lead out but doesn't jump like he used to (this is a good thing). Walks I am keeping to 100 yards only.

He used to be my shadow, constantly at my side but now he is happy to watch from his bed.

I have ordered a dog pram for him so that if he is ok in it at least I can take him out and about without him hurting his back and keep his spirits up.

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  1. A dog pram... how great! This is what he is waiting for. "Mommy loves me."


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