Sunday, 8 January 2012


My darling Bobbi, my little wish come true
I have always had dogs in my life. Born at home, Victoria Road, Wrexham my dog Patch was already part of our family. My big brother Peter couldn't say her name, he called her Pa... He actually named her for the patch of white on her chest, pointing to it saying Pa Pa Pa..... nice memories.

Apparently a police man found Patch huddled in a shop door way as a puppy, she had obviously been dumped. It was cold and wet. He took her in.

In those days, they held onto dogs for seven days and then they were put to sleep.

Patch had gone over her 7 days but the kennel maids begged for her life because she was so sweet and so little. On the 8th day my mum enquired about a dog and thats how Patch came into our lives.

I remember being very protective of Patch as a child. She wasn't the prettiest of dogs and rather over weight but I loved her dearly. Apparently as a baby, she used to protect me in the pram and wouldn't let anyone near me.

When I was a toddler I remember distinctly how Patch nipped me! My mum asked me had I pulled her tail to which I guiltily replied "yes" so I was told that it was my own fault then. I have never pulled an animals tail since especially having read an Enid Blyton story about a boy who pulled cats tails!!!!!

Patch did have a set of puppies..... One funny thing I remember is the puppies getting lost. The whole house was up in arms looking for the pups...... My dad told everyone to stay quiet and watch Patch.... The little madam had taken the pups into the airing cupboard when it was ajar, a nice, safe and warm place for her babies.

Later on in life she used to "herd" my guineapigs into her basket and mother them!

Patch was over weight but she would always go begging where ever we went, she would sit there with big sad eyes pleading with who ever to give her some food. We always laughed over this.

Another funny thing was if there was a smell in the room, we would say "who did that?" and she would slink away guiltily to hide behind the sofa.

Such happy memories of a wonderful family member.

We were very lucky to have Patch in our lives for 15 years. She died when a tumour ruptured. We decided not to have it removed because of her age and she was happy and active until her last day.

The sad part was that I was at school when it happened and I didn't get to say goodbye.

Its funny isn't it how you love your friends so very much but you learn to put their loss in a special little box, you close the lid and leave it that way.

Writing this post about Patch has reduced me to tears, after 3 decades of her not being around anymore, I realise how much I still love and and miss her.

It has been nice to actually think of her and remember the funny things. She did enrich my life and she brought me so much fun as a child growing up.

I have included a photograph of my dog Bobbi, only because she looks a bit like Patch and shared the same start in life.

I will tell you about Bobbi in another post!


  1. That was a lovely post Sara -now I`m sitting here with tears in my eyes too-what a very lucky dog Patch was-and what a lovely life she had in a loving family forever home -what more can an animal want/wish for !

  2. Thank you Janet, she was a special friend, really did make our childhood good x


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