Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Poorly Wilbur!

Poor Wilbur has injured his back! Not sure how he has done it but then again he is such a lively dog, just running around the woods could have been enough! Silly boy!
I have never seen a dog in so much pain in my life and I never want to again! He was on the mend but the door was left open and he managed to escape up the stairs, in doing so he stressed his back out and he was back to square one again.

On Sunday night he was so bad I double dosed him on Metacam and put a hot water bottle on his back. By the next morning he seemed to be better but by lunch time he was in a dreadful state. He was quivering all over and gagging with pain. The vet could fit is in at 5.30pm but I couldn't stand seeing him in this state any longer and took him in earlier.

The vet gave me additional pain killers to give to Wilbur and ordered cage rest for at least a few days.

He was so miserable and didn't want to move so I couldn't see cage rest being a problem.

This morning he was perky enough but he has been in his crate all day apart from toilet breaks when he has been closely supervised.

He is happy enough in there, he has his Kong ball, a raw hide chew and a bone.

I have noticed a huge improvement in him this afternoon but I am trying desperately to keep him immobile. He has perked up alot now he is out of his crate but the curtains are closed now and there is less chance of him bouncing around barking at visiting vehicles.

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