Sunday, 24 July 2011

Moon Bears in Plight

If you are new to blogging I just want to draw your attention to a small matter! If you see any words in this blog which change shade from black, this means that if you click on them, they will take you to a page which will give more information about the subject highlighted. Please take the opportunity to follow the links, these bears need you! Thank you.

I stumbled across Moon Bears quite by accident. I had heard of brown bears, polar bears etc but never, ever knew about these beautiful creatures.

I think I was on facebook and somebody posted a link and from that moment on I have followed the stories on their facebook page, frustrated at not being able to do something to help them in their plight.

This photo describes these special bears far better than words can. I think this is Oliver, a rescue bear.

These bears are used in Chinese medicine.

Their bile is thought to have healing properties.

They are captured from the wild or sometimes bred into their role as Moon Bear bile providers.

Now then, in words, it doesn't really sound that bad does it?

Let me tell you in words and pictures what it REALLY means!

Firstly - if you follow this link (remember to click on this sentence) you won't need my words! 

These bears are locked into COFFIN CAGES for up to 30 years. As they grow they become more and more uncomfortable as you can see by the pictures.

This isn't the end.........sadly..........

The bear is then subjected to inhumane surgery. Often carried out without anaesthetic and not even by vets. A metal tube is inserted directly into their gall bladder so that several times a day, depending on how much bile that particular bear produces, the gall bladder is drained of its bile. This is such a painful process. The bears are unable to stop this happening to them because of their cramped conditions.

The bears weep tears of sadness and pain........

YES, they weep just like you and I would.

If they try to commit suicide then they are further incarcerated in metal armour. YES they do try to commit suicide. YES they do self harm. YES they do carry out infanticide.

But why? They are only dumb animals!

No they are not! This is just an illustration of a fact I feel passionate about. The fact that all animals have souls. They have the capacity to love, to feel sad, depressed, full of joy and excitement. Its just that they don't look like us humans and they don't speak our language.

Thankfully Animals Asia are working hard to outlaw bile farming and have set up a rescue centre for bears like Oliver.

At last after 30 years of life in a coffin cage, subjected to excruciating pain every day for those years, and lets just shock you here with some stats ........ that's 10,560 days enduring 21,120 painful extractions (that's only if its done twice a day) these beautiful creatures can live the life they were born to live.

Please take some time to watch this video, it is sad but its beautiful too.

I don't have allot of money to give, I would willingly give my time but I live in another country so even that isn't an option. I have chosen to highlight the plight of these bears, to spread the word in the hope that somebody reading my blog or my links will have enough influence to help.

I have written to some bear manufacturers "Charley Bears" asking them if they would produce a limited edition Moon Bear with some of the proceeds being given to the charity. If everyone did this, the pressure would be so great that I am sure these manufacturers would do this.

Write to your MP get your voice heard.

Don't under estimate the power of your voice! I managed to save our local schools tennis courts by starting a petition and working with our local councillor. You have the power to help these bears without money. All you have to do is write and if enough of us did that, we could make an impact.

For more information follow this link


  1. Oh My God .. I have not heard about these bears.. I have never heard of such cruelty.. I hate animal cruelty in any form.. this is just so sad... I am starting the day crying I cannot believe that we can do this.. although you only have to see what we can do to children... Its a great post as it highlights their plight .. I will re-tweet etc .. how dreadful .. xx

  2. This post is so distressing to read but thank you so much for drawing our attention to these poor bears plight-this is the only way something will get done to stop their suffering -will look into this further x

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