Thursday, 28 July 2011

Keep on Running

Once I got through treatment I was determined to run my first 10K, something my illness had delayed for me. I decided to run the Tatton Yule Yomp in December 2010 and raised almost £800 for the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Since achieving my goal I have gone off the boil as far as my running is concerned. I have been affected with bouts of ill health and the depression has been kicking in a bit.

Having finished treatment, I think that the enormity of what I have been through over the past two years actually hit me and I have had to deal with that so that I can move on with my life which is what I feel I am doing right now.

I am desperately trying to lose a stone in weight, that way, when I DO come off the tamoxifen in a few years time the rest will come off naturally because I am still carrying fluid in my fingers that I can see so it must be all over.

I have tried diets to no avail so now I have decided to cut back on the wine and limit wine to once or twice a week, run (so I wont drink alcohol before my run days) and eat sensibly.

I have been onto the runners world events list and have book marked a few events so now I just have to prepare for them, sort out routes, timings to get there, my husbands shifts and child care and away we go.

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  1. Good Luck ! You might find it useful to set yourself small achievable goals and then reward yourself when you have reached them-I have found that useful in the past-just wish I could practice what I preach !


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