Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I have always wanted my nose pierced and up until recently I honestly didnt know that you could get any part of your ear pierced - call me naive!!! When a friend had her tragus pierced, I though "how cute" and decided that I would be getting a piercing too.

I had to discount the nose piercing because of my hayfever and rhinitus, it would be more hassle that its worth so decided to opt for my tragus.

I didn't go into this blind, I researched the matter thoroughly and asked lots of questions and eventually found a fabulous piercer called Carl who owns "The Piercing Bodz" in Rufus Court, Chester. You need to check my link out to his web page because it really is a mine of information.

I booked the piercing before the weekend and put it to the back of my mind...... until the day came, which was yesterday! I am so glad my friend came with me because without her and the texts of encouragement from my other friend, I may not have gone through with it.

I had my lobes pierced when I was a teenager with a gun, Carl explained that this is not a good way to pierce because it shatters the flesh making it take longer to heal and more open to infection. I did get really bad infections in both ears and thats why it has taken me decades to follow my heart and get another piercing.

Carls "shop" is so relaxing, lovely comfy couches to sit on. Carl takes his time to clean and prepare his room before clients are allowed in. I was invited to sit on the chair while he scrubbed up thoroughly and donned his gloves! My friend was with me giving me support all of the way. Carl asked me to wiggle my toes and whoop it was done - virtually no pain! Having a canula inserted into the veins of my hands was much more painful!!

At the end of the procedure I was given a lollipop and a special sticker for being brave!

A day later and my piercing is slightly sore but only to be expected. The jewelry used is plastic so the cells will repair themselves around it rather than to it so no need for turning it or generally messing around with it!


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