Monday, 11 July 2011


Rhys is a little five year old boy with GI George Syndrome. This has meant that in his little life he has had to endure a number of serious operations.

His parents and grandparents give Rhys such love and strength and support him strongly in all that he does.

Rhys is going into hospital today for another major operation on his palette. This operation comes with risks as do all such things but will enhance and improve Rhys's life so much, it really must go ahead.

I have the honour of being a friend of Rhys and his family and I am always amazed at their positive and selfless approach to caring for their son.

If you have a few moments to spare, please say a little prayer for Rhys that the operation is a success and he has a speedy recovery.

Thank you x


  1. Claire, chris and rhys are wonderful people, so brave, there like family to me, this day may be hard but i know there all gonna be strong enough to get through it, rhys is a brave little soldier, our brave little soldier, i have said many prayers for the whole family, and asspecially for rhys, god bless them all


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