Saturday, 16 July 2011


Today we went into Wrexham town to do some shopping. Click on the links to find out more information on the shops and places mentioned, the Queen Square link has a video running.  I went in with the boys and my mum and we had a great day. Our first stop was Wrexham Library and the art display there was amazing as were some of the ornaments for sale.

Joe managed to find the book he was after so it was quite a successful visit.

After stopping for cash we paid a visit to the Pebble chip shop on Argyle Street for chip cones, then we sat in Queens Square admiring the trees and flowers and wondering where the Burma Bell has gone???

Wrexham Swimming Baths

Cooks Bridge - Trevalyn Rossett where I keep my pony

Quite a few shops have been hit hard by the recession and so there were alot of closing down sales. A sign of the times to see charity shops and discount stores well frequented.

I managed to get a couple of CDs for a pound each: The Jam - Beat Surrender, Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence Patience and Grace and Kasabian - Empire. Just in the process of downloading them on to my itunes.

I also managed to get a fab new handbag for £7, a posh card holder for my personal cards and a dressing gown for under £5 - great bargains.

Once we dropped my mum at home, we stopped off at JayDee Aquatics so that Joe could get his acquarian water tested and purchase some more barbs. The assistant who is the son of the owner plays bass and was quite interested in my badges of The Alarm and Killing for Company....


  1. Sounds like a perfect day xx Its nice to see the sunshine on Wrexham I only have memories of it being cold xx

  2. You bagged some great bargains by the sound of things- a successful trip out !


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