Thursday, 7 August 2014

Eco Camping in Boncath!

I really didn't want to go on holiday... the thought filled me with dread. The fact that I would have to leave my beloved animals AND go camping with two autistic teenagers made it an abhorrent thought.

I managed to sort out animal care for a few days and him indoors selected some camp sites in South Wales. The booking was left until last minute and as there was no reply from the two selected so HI decided to do an online booking with a camp site called "Top of the Woods Eco"..... What was I letting myself in for?

Eco camping.... this was a novel idea but sounded just right for us.

Arrived on Sunday evening with another two parties just setting up as well. The field was really a meadow and was HUGE, surrounded by woodland and trees (my favourite things) and a natural haven for wildlife large or small.

I was intrigued by the idea of solar showers but it soon became evident that they were bags of water which were left to heat by the sun.....

The Shower Tents
The Solar Showers heating in the sun. Behind you can see our tent and the owners tent which is available to hire
Catching rainwater!

The owners had very kindly put 4 solar shower bags out to heat up in the sun for us ready for our arrival which I thought was incredibly thoughtful.

The tent didn't take too long to set up, it was a first time for this one because it was purchased last winter in a sale. I am so glad I bought it, an Outwell Nevada M - lots of space, cosy and really easy to assemble.

Our luxury bedrooms!
HI decided to ditch the blow up camp beds and opted for rigid beds which proved to be much better in my opinion. The only downer for me was that having asked HI to purchase a new sleeping bag for me, he did so, getting my a very pretty pink one which was "short"..... hmmmm short....... short for a kid maybe?????????

No1 son weighed up the problem in hand and suggested that I placed the top on the bottom and have the bottom on the top so that at least the head rest part would cover a bit of my body. Good plan but not good enough - thank goodness HI had packed a woollen blanket!

HI - Him Indoors

One of our Oil Lamps with improvised holder

The Meadow Land

It was quite late by the time everything was sorted and we hadn't brought food with us so we went in search of sustenance. The local pub didn't serve food on a Sunday which I thought was a bit odd so we followed directions into Cardigan and had a take out meal of kebab and pizzas for the boys.

Bed at last but peace was slow to come. 

Tired and restless with pent up energy after a long car journey and search for food, the boys had a little tussle and bicker before going to sleep and giving us some well deserved peace.

I was flippin frozen that night I can tell you but I survived! 

The peace and quietness, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the camp site more than made up for bickering teens and cold nights in mini sleeping bags.

I will tell you about the rest of our adventures in my next post if you are interested?

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