Friday, 15 August 2014


Hmmmm.... streaking..... for me it conjures up images of people running naked!!!!

But no, its not!

Streaking is about running.

I have been off my running during the summer because I tend to get very hot when I exercise and if I over heat I become very ill. This has become worse ever since my cancer treatments so I really do have to be careful.

There has been a heatwave this year and its rendered me completely useless. I have been unable to run, walk the dogs, ride my horse or literally do anything. 

I was feeling pretty low about my running, especially as I am taking part in Erddigs 5K race in September which I am doing to raise a bit of money for North Clwyd Animal Rescue. Then in Septembers issue of Running for Women there was something in it about streaking. Of course it grabbed my attention for obvious reasons but I am glad I did because it has revolutionised my running!

I have set myself my own personal goal of running every day for a week for one mile each run. I am currently on day 5 and still trying to get my head around the liberating feeling this has given me. I am not running for long enough to over heat, I can run at any time of the day and am not restricted to early morning and its short enough to fit it in at any time.

I am hoping to fulfil my target of a week - 7 days and 7 miles and then perhaps another week.

It has rekindled and revived my love of running and is definitely something I will do during summer months when I can't cope with the heat.

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