Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pay, Pension and Strike Action

Born into a socialist family, my dad was passionate about Labour and the working mans rights. No wonder because he and my mam were born during times where there was no National Health Service, no benefits - NOTHING.  If you didn't work you had no money, if you were ill you couldn't afford health care, indeed my mam and her village called upon the services of a "struck off" doctor who was nicknamed Dr Pink because he was "always in the pink!" - its little wonder that czc supported this political party and what it stood for back then.

When I started work I ended up as a senior shop steward and company council rep. This and the fact that I was a woman in the 90's had a detrimental affect on my career but the union was there to support me if I wanted...... I followed these paths because I felt strongly about fair play and treating the work staff well.

Industrial action is a last resort and is something not taken lightly.

I was happy to see John Smith take the lead of the labour party and extremely sad at his premature death. When Tony Blair took over the leadership I had hope for a good future but it was not to be.

Labour died with John Smith as far as I am concerned. He was the last of the true socialists who did what he did because because he believed in it. 

With Tony Blair came "new labour" and that heralded the death of all that I knew and held dear. 

So.... here we are..... 2014 and living during troubled times where some people get benefits while others can't,the rich have pay rises and bonus payments and the people in the middle who form the majority are bled dry. Disabled people are being treated like frauds as are the very vulnerable in society. The education and national health services are on their knees.

How is it right to cut a persons pay so that they are earning LESS than they did years ago when the cost of living is higher? 

How is it right to change the conditions and terms of work half way through their career?

How is it right to expect workers to work longer in jobs which are physical and if they are not at their young, physical peak - could cost lives?

How is it right that from my point of view, having worked since the age of 17 and obtained my qualifications while I worked, had cancer in 2009 and had to fold my business but was not entitled to any help?

I am angry!!!!

Can you tell?

I am an ordinary housewife and mother with autistic children who have been LET DOWN by the health service, LET DOWN by the education system and just generally LET DOWN by the government who should be protecting and helping us. WE ARE THE FORGOTTEN FAMILIES.

So today when those who can are taking industrial action - I SUPPORT YOU!

You are standing up for those who are not allowed to take industrial action and for those of us who are not represented.

Enough of pay rises and bonuses for FAT CATS! Enough of benefits and perks for those who should be doing a job FOR US.

Its time to stand up for what you feel is right.

Apathy is not an option.

YOU can make a difference if only in a small way - heck - I did.

When my dad was a councillor he didn't get paid for what he did and he didn't claim expenses either - he did it because he wanted to help to make a better and fairer world!

I am disillusioned and saddened by our country and I feel extremely let down.

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