Monday, 18 August 2014

Things Are a Bit Weird


Love it or hate it! 

Its great when its working but when its not, flip! its a nightmare!

My laptop recently gave up the will to live but thankfully I have an extremely capable husband who has fixed it. However, in trying to get to my blog I got caught up in google accounts confusion and even had to create a NEW blog just to find this one... give me strength!

It only seems like yesterday that I was pounding a typewriter and I thought I had "made it" when my boss bought me a semi electronic typewriter.

How technology has evolved in such a short time, its amazing.

Next month it will be 24 years since my big brother Peter died. He was a technical whizz but I wonder what he would make of our world today because in those 24 years we have become dependant on computers and electronics.

The jury in my head is still out with regard to social media. I got into it when I became ill in 2009, I wasn't physically able to whizz around at a million miles an hour and so I had time to become familiar with computers and facebook.

I enjoy being able to connect and communicate with friends from all over the country and world and follow my favourite band but on the flip side, I dislike the intrusion, the voyeuristic way people can watch you, the fact that people communicate but do so ineffectively..... I don't like it.

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