Saturday, 9 August 2014

Eco Camping - St Davids

Many years ago when we were first married, we camped our way around Wales. I fell in love with the peaceful serenity of St. Davids. Indeed, I prayed on a Holy relic and my prayers were answered.....

We decided to return there as a family. What struck me was how busy it was but it was a beautiful sunny day and I still felt charmed by the place as before.

The boys on their way into the Cathedral

The entrance 

View from the entrance into the catheral

A cute little alley within the Cathedral grounds

Beautiful trees there

By the ford waiting to buy ice cream

Jason and his ice cream

Inside the ruins of the Bishops Palace

Bishops Palace

Bishops Palace

If you look at the dents in the grass, they are where bodies are buried #justsaying
It was a lovely visit only spoilt by a foreign person peeing in the car park and not making the slightest effort to hide what he was up to - disgusting!

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