Friday, 11 May 2012

To Every Problem there is a Solution

Since I started radiotherapy, I have been suffering BO (Body Odour) but only to the side which has been receiving treatment.

I am fastidious when it comes to personal hygiene so it has been distressing for me to say the least, especially when required to put said arm up into arm stirrups and the smell permeates the air.

Apologies, apologies to the radiographers and mortification for myself!!!

Classic Deodorant
Until I discovered the baby above!!!

I was told by the radiographers to avoid deodorants containing metals or magnesium. You would be amazed because even the brands you would think to be natural and kind contain such nasties. The reason for this by the way is because these metals react to the radium.

So this natural product works by attacking the bacteria on your skin thus stopping the pong! It is natural, unscented and doesn't clog pores and best of all ................ it works!

Thumbs up for Salt of the Earth!

They also produce a body spray which I keep in my handbag for discreet applications.

So you see..... there is a solution to every problem you just have to look for it!


  1. Bless you Sara, if it is not one thing it is another! So sorry you are having so many problems, and I know what you mean about BO, I shower every day, sometimes twice a day, apply a roll on, and I have to use an anti-perspirant body spray! The sweats I get from the menopause are horrific and nothing seems to combat the smell, it is awful! The reactions in our body are vile when we are on 'the change' and my doctor has basically told me 'to deal with it'!!!! Needless to say he was a man! I did feel like asking him to stand up, kicking him in the nether regions then telling him to deal with it, but I refrained!!! ha ha Hope you will soon be feeling a bit better! xxxxx

  2. When I went through radiation treatments, many years ago, I used Tom's and it worked well too.
    Glad to see that you aren't losing your sense of humor. You have to laugh at these things.

  3. I've been back to read a couple of times, but left no commnet - sorry for the sneaking around. Love this post _ I dounbt that I can find it here in Brasil, but will look with a magnafying glass to see what is in My Brasilian made deordorant. hugs from Brasil

  4. As someone who had an infected lymph node and was unable to put deo on that armpit, and as someone who seems to be as fastidious about personal hygiene as you are, I am super glad that you found something that works for you!


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